In The Winter I Use An Electric Blanket Opposed To A Heating Pad

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by edmarfunstuff, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. edmarfunstuff

    edmarfunstuff New Member

    I bought a electric blanket just before last winter because the cold really does a number on me. I hurt all over and a heating pad just isn't big enough so I have found that the electric blanket does bring some relief but not completely. Does anyone else use one of these? And has it helped you?
  2. ksp56

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    I recently bought an electric mattress pad warmer. It is put under your sheets and has control settings much like an electric blanket. It has helped make most evenings, more comfortable for me.

    At this point, I love it. I will have to see if there are any long term effects, positive or otherwise!


  3. MJJBunny

    MJJBunny New Member

    I not only use an electric blanket in the cold weather, but I also use it all summer. I have used one for years and years and years. I need to be warm to sleep. It has always been soothing to me and I can't be without it.
  4. jadibeler

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    I guess we should all get away from our computers then. This is the first I've heard about the dangers of electrical current.

    I love electric blankets but haven't used one for years because my dogs sleep on my bed with me and elct. blankets should not be sat or laid on. It also makes it even harder to get out of bed in the morning. Then, there are the hot flashes. . .

    I stopped sleeping on my heating pad, too, when it burned me. One thing that does help make a bed warmer is putting a nice thick blanket under the sheet. I've consdered getting one of those silver ones which radiates your body heat back at you.

    I can (prefer to) sleep with a pile of heavy covers. I don't know why - I miss the weight in the summer. But even though that keeps me warm, my problem is that I can't sleep if my head is cold. I used to sleep with my head under the covers but was finally told that's why I was waking up with severe headaches. So now I wear a toboggan to bed in the winter! Notice in all the "old days" movies, the women & girls wore "mob caps"? I think a lot of the people who have trouble with being cold at night would be more comfortable if they kept their heads covered. Body heat escapes through the top of the head.

  5. Finished

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    I love my heating blanket! I cannot live without it. Yes, I use it all year round as well as 2 quilts. My feet and hands are always cold. There is no way I will get in bed without that blanket there. And when it dies I will go buy another.
    Have a great eve!
  6. edmarfunstuff

    edmarfunstuff New Member

    Do you put your quilts on top of your electric blanket or under?
  7. Finished

    Finished New Member

    I first put the sheet then the heating blanket then the quilts.
    You are very welcome edmarfunstuff ;)
  8. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I use a 'wireless mattress heating pad', I have it under the sheet. I could not sleep or get up without this gentle warmth. I use it winter and summer, if necessary I will put the a/c down to keep the rooms cold, so I can sleep on my pad.

    Its better than the blanket and the heating pad. The heat is like body heat, not too hot, they have 10 settings on them, and they are the best thing since sliced bread!

    Yes, my dog sleeps at the foot of the bed, and he loves it too, and it does not bother the pad.

    No, I do not have a waterbed, do not like them.

    I have a Cuddle Ewe on the bed, the heated mattress pad on top of that, and the sheet on top of both. I also use a down conforter for cover. Its light and confortable.

    Shalom, Shirl

  9. matildathehunney

    matildathehunney New Member

    A hot water bottle, bought at the drug store for under 15 dollars. It is sturdy, and feels so good, I can put my feet under it, on top of it, wiggle my toes on it, one night I even slept with it on my tummy :)

    I won't be without it now in winter or when I'm in a flare, I love it
  10. NanceZ

    NanceZ New Member

    that's what I use and love it, summer fall winter and spring!
  11. hope-floats

    hope-floats New Member

    Where can we purchase a "wireless mattress heating pad"? I use an elec. blanket which helps to warm me up in the winter. Before the elec. blanket, I've been soooooo frigid, that I couldn't get to sleep because I was shivering so much. I've had hypothyroidism for years, so I've been like this for so long. You have to do what you can to get your body warm if your hormones don't do it for you.

    I'd like to try the heating pad.
  12. I have an electric mattress pad and love it, Even when I was sick and had the chills in the summer I turned it on and it was WONDERFUL!