Inactivity and possibility of mini blood clots----Deep leg pain and

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    Weird symptoms had me back to doc today. For over 2 weeks have had very deep pain in front of upper leg (thigh) and attributed it to my cycle. It seems to happen just a few days before period and lasts a couple days usually. But this time is hanging around. Then four different times since then I have experienced what I call "zingers" in the head that just feel like a sort of electric type jolt and have had strange sounds like bubbling water in my left ear. Then left side extremities go numb and feel like my brain goes into freeze you are watching a movie and you hit pause, and then everything stops. This lasts about 30 seconds to about 2 minutes. My heart whacks out and jumps around. Slight headache and nauseaus and then it disappears as fast as it came on.

    I ignored the first one because so many times have been in for wierd symptoms and is a waste of time at doc. They pass it off as nothing and send me home. This weird thing happened last night after going to a movie theatre (only get there once or twice a year and was so excited to get OUT) and it happened today after a sudden movement while talking to my son. I called in and the nurse said it could possibly be a TIA? (like a mini-stroke) Went in and the PA on staff said not to worry about that, because she said I would have some "damage or loss" that would still show up. Went home and later this PM had another sort of episode but got really sleepy with it. Called my urgent care center and this nurse also said it could be a TIA or possibly some nerve damage. (Said she would pass info on to my primary doc, but didnt have me come back in).

    With all the inactivity we have with low energy (true exhaustion) and having to be so immobile all the time, has anyone ever had a blood clot that caused these types of problems? Do your docs talk to you about trying to keep active or move your body around at least somewhat? I have been looking online and there is much info about blood clots caused by inactivity due to chronic disease or post surgery inactivity.
    There are days I can only get up for bathroom needs and maybe do a bit in the kitchen or a couple batches of laundry. I otherwise am laying down with my feet up or on my side with pillow between knees because of past back injury and constant back pain. I also now have esophogeal issues (wonder if that is from being horizontal so much of time) and have bed about 5 inches raised at the head to help with reflux. I am wondering if that maybe increases blood to pool in leg area?
    Anyone have any answers out there regarding this possibility of mini blood clots from inactivity?
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    I have had my carotid arteries checked once. Results were normal. I have also had Cat scan done about 2 years ago. My family says that I shouldn't let OLD results govern my look at these symptoms. I agree that I don' twant to just let it all sit, but you know the program...the docs look at chart and say "you had this test done, and that test done...blah, blah blah, and nothing is showing up. They do see abnormal rythms in heart but as they say "nothing fatal".
    I don't have any swelling or redness in the leg area that is so sore.
    Its been a couple days and i am just laying low, waiting until I get to my first acupuncture apointment next week. I will then ask that doc to review an MRI I had of my messed up lower back and also a compressed area in neck to see if it could have been nerve-related. My only question with that is "how could a small nerve area direct so many systems and areas of your body?" As i said, I had arm and leg numbness, strange gurggling in my ear, heart jumps, and extreme weakness and brain dysfunction. These systems are ALL over the body!
    THanks for your help!

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