Incessant, new, debilitating head/neck pain - help!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by balletdancer74, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. balletdancer74

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    Hi Everyone,

    I used to be on these boards for years, but than "life" sort of got in the way of "life" so to speak.

    I'm back because even I (along with my, thankfully, wonderful doctors) can't figure out this latest symptom.

    For the last ten months I've been suffering at least twice a week from head pain attacks (HPA's as I call them) that are different and more frequent than my usual, perpetual head pain/pressure that I've endured with FM, M.E., etc. for nine years. I'm now 34.

    I do have a very small pituitary adenoma/tumor, but I don't think that has anything to do with the pain.

    I've done PT to work on my posture since it appears that some of this new problem is postural, but it's really bad. I've had my fair share of sickness. I was bedridden for nearly a year when I first collapsed with M.E. Having FM is just sour icing on the cake.

    Anyway, my neck pain is mostly on the right side as is my head pain when I get the attacks. Relpax doesn't really do the trick since I don't think these are true "migraines." I believe they are occipital neuralgic headaches. Nevertheless, I need to get rid of them! I had my head pain attacks under "control" for, the attacks are so frequent they're actually affecting my mood...i.e. I'm feeling irritable, frustrated, and even "sad." I'm not a sad person...

    I confess that I'm really scared for once in my life. I feel like my docs and I are missing something. I can barely type so please excuse any typos, but my head and neck are killing me...It's enough that the rest of my body hurts and that I feel like someone is gradually poisoning me (the M.E./CFIDS feeling - the "sickly" exhaustion/weakness w/ pain)...

    Any thoughts? I'd greatly appreciate any assistance. I'm out of theories, and I'm usually able to figure things out when it comes to my health w/ research, etc. I guess it's not becoming easier as the years go by to deal with these dreadful illnesses.

    I'm desperate!


    To better health and welcome anyone who is new...and hello to anyone who has been around!

  2. monica33flowers

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    I've had the same problem since my fibro symptoms started. First of all, have you had an MRI of your neck. You may have a nerve that is being pinched, bone spur or a bulging or herniated disc.

    I do get occipital nerve blocks which are performed by my migraine dr. These do help immensely and the relief is immediate. Ask your dr. if a neurologist, internal dr., or even a pain management dr. knows how to perform this particular technique. It is very important that they know how to perform this nerve block. I once had a dr. in the ER that said he knew how to do it and trust me he didn't know -- very painful and made the symptoms 10 times worse.

  3. Heyygirl

    Heyygirl New Member

    you'all ever considered lymes? Famous for head and neck pain. Just a thought.


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