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    I'm beginning to think that doctors make us feel bad about ourselves so that we do not question their own inconsistencies. After having an ex-husband who altered history to suit his own self, I developed an abilty to remember what was said, or at I would recognise when he had changed what was said... I hope that make sense.

    Well today, the very same doctor who told my I was having hynogogic/pompic hallucinations all that time ago, told me today that I was just having nightmares and that was what was waking me up. As I tried to tell him that these are not nightmares, he began to lose it again. When I tried to return it to the hallucination bits that he had talked about before, then he turned it to the fact that I am having a bad psychological time (very true) and as I am seeing the counselling team on Wednesday he 'wouldn't want to interfere with that!'

    I give in, I really do. I drove home feeling isolated, ignored, dismissed and downright miserable. Actually I haven't picked up all day - probably due to having to focus on all the negative to fill in a Disability Living Allowance form - really grim.

    Still tomorrow's another day, I can remember what he said before and I've actually done something about finding another doctor.

    Hope you all have a good day.

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    Have you requested a copy of your records from this doc? It would be interesting to see what he has put in the records.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm pleaseed to hear you are looking for a different doctor.
    We go to doctors for help, not to be put down. We may not always like what we hear, as it may be something we don't want to have to accept or cope with, but if we can trust the integrity of the doctor, that is okay.

    I feel so lucky I have a supportive doctor. If I don't agree with his ideas about what is going on with me, he'll always listen and has respect for what I have to say. We've usually ended up agreeing one way or the other.

    I do hope you find a sympathetic doctor who will help you
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    although I know it can be difficult in the UK because a lot of them have closed their lists. See if there's a local patient group, they often have lists of the best doctors in your area.

    I get really P****d off when I have to deal with this and hear of others having to do so too. My GPs supportive, doesn't believe in ME (sees it as a host of different health problems) but does believe I'm genuinely ill and disabled. She's pro alternative medicine too.

    Good luck

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