increased nausea @ same time of day

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    I have had problems with nausea/vomiting for a few yrs now, and they continue to get worse overall; however, there are two different seems to stem from MCS related food sensitivities & by limiting what I eat, I can mostly control that

    the other is more like motion sickness, except it does not actually require motion to happen, and it is always much worse if I am awake in the middle of the night/early morning....being online too long also makes it worse sometimes, but the time of day thing is a constant & I am trying to figure out why

    changing what/when I eat does not make a difference with the second type, so it's not like it's a blood sugar thing or anything like that.....the amount of sleep I have had also does not have any impact...time of month also does not matter - it is constant (& no there is no chance at all that I am pregnant)

    any ideas?

    ETA: I have tried all sorts of meds and alt treatments for nausea - most do not this point, I am more looking to figure out what is causing this and wondering if anyone has any ideas about this particular type of nausea......I have had an abdominal ultra sound, with nothing showing up.....that said, I am not opposed to suggestions as to things to try, too.....just know that I have already tried: Dramamine, most prescription meds for nausea, ginger, mint, teas, motion sickness wrist bands, homeopathic anti nausea stuff, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, crackers/pretzels, peptol bismuth, and probably other things I am forgetting.....some of these used to work, but no longer do.....the only thing that is helping at all is reglan and that is not good to take frequently (& even it is not working that well anymore)[This Message was Edited on 09/30/2010]
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    I take motion sickness pills that are also for nausea, they work really well, are cheap and you can get them most any place.
  3. AuntTammie

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    are you talking about dramamine or something else.......dramamine doesn't help me anymore, but if there is another kind I could try it
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    Well, here's what I always suggest when people have mystery digestive issues - find a good chiropractor who does muscle testing. Mine helped me with several digestive issues that the doctors were clueless about, and he did it very quickly. They included liver toxicity, stuck ileocecal valve, inflamed gallbladder, lack of HCL and probably a few other things. The chiro was able to help me with all of these issues, all of which were significantly negatively affecting my digestion, and none of which were helped at all by my regular docs.

    To find a chiro who does muscle testing, I have two suggestions: check the yellow pages, scope out the ads, make phone calls and just ask if they do it. Or, go to the Standard Process website (they sell very good nutritional supplements), call their customer service and they will give you name(s) of practitioners in your area who buy their products. People who buy their products almost always do muscle testing.

    That's what I would do and this may help you get to the bottom of what is actually going on, instead of simply masking symptoms.

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    I take a drug in the UK that is not available outside the EU but I believe you have Compazine which is similar - they work on the vomiting centre in the brain and nausea that is like motion sickness or chemotherapy induced.

    I really feel for you as this is a horrible symptom :(

    I have been on my anti nausea med for 12 years after constant severe nausea for three years solid - it works almost all the time and at the lowest dose. I tried to discontinue it several times but the nausea came straight back (along with diarrhoea)

    Hope this might help.

    Hugs Bunchy x
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    I appreciate the responses.....will definitely have to keep trying to get a doc to figure out the underlying cause (for some reason i did not think of a neurologist - considering all my neuro symptoms and the fact that I have been to a neurologist previusly I have no idea why that did not occur to me!).....have thought of other specialsist and alt docs) the meantime I will check about compazine.....I am not sure if medicare will cover it if I don't have cancer, though.....I think that may be why I have not tried that one
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    Nausea, and particularly nausea that occurs at the same time every day, can be a symptom of perimenopause/menopause. In fact, it is quite common but, for some reason, doctors rarely discuss this symptom with their patients.

    If you google 'nausea during perimenopause'or 'nausea during menopause' you would be very surprised at the amount of information is written on this subject.

    Good Luck--

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    Thought I would share my story and you can see if there are any similarities.

    For a period of about three years, in spite of taking ambien for sleep, I would wake between 3:30 and 5:30 am. Totally unable to get back to sleep, but not awake enough to get up.

    During that time I would feel nausea, not bad enough to get the bucket but terribly upsetting and aggravating.

    Also during this time I swear I could feel "material" moving through my bowels. Again, not enough to get to the bathroom, but felt both the moving and the nausea.

    Turned out it was part of IBS, irritable bowel syndrome.

    It got cured rather accidentally. I was put on an anti depressant, a very old one that did not upset my ulcer~~~~~~ and the side effect was it dried out my intestinal system enough that those feelings didn't wake me.

    Between the AD , and most of the ibs gone, my sleep was restored thus pluses in several categories.

    I discussed this with my gastro and GP. Both thought basically I was another kook to get rid of from the exam room.

    I think we each have to learn our own bodies, how they react to almost everything. Just because a book or a doctor says something should or should not happen; sorry guys, my body doesn't follow your book.

    A bit like childbirth. Read all you want, be prepared, but your body will react and behave in it's own way.