Increased Uptake in the Sternal Area...Anyone??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LuvMeCritters, Jan 9, 2003.

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    I had an entire body bone scan done recently. Today I went in and picked up a copy of the report. It showed scoliosis, which I've searched on the net, and it seems this probably isn't a cause of my back/rib/arm pain, but the scan also showed "increased uptake in the upper mid sternal area". I can't find enough about this, or what I've found I don't understand. Can anyone enlighten me? I see my doc on the 20th, so I'll get an explanation then, but I'm curious if anyone else with FM/CFS/DDD has this, and what it means. Thanks for any and all replies.

    Regina :)
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    I don't know about the increased uptake sternal area??
    Thats something i have'nt heard yet. but as for the Scoliosis...I do have that and I can say with certainty that It may not cause back pain in itself...??....even that is questionable for me.But it definitly can make an already existing back problem/FM way worse!! I have bad disks and FM and live daily in alot of pain.I honestly can't remember feeling good for a day.Something hurts everyday!!Each yr I go thru a round of PT for 6-8 weeks.I'm due now and have a script for the warm water therapy.(pool)I just need to set up an appointment for an evaluation. Sorry I can't say about the other problem,I'm sure someone here will know something and share their info.
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    I've had a few bonescans due to orthopedic problems and stress fractures. Usually where there is an uptake it is in an area of fx, arthritis, etc. My stress fx's really light up and also knees, ankles,bottoms of my feet,shoulders, hips and my hands where I have osteoarthritis. Do you have pain in the sternal area? I am sure your scoliosis contributes to your back problems. Good luck - ask to see the films - they are something to look at!
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    I believe Uptake refers to the pattern of the imaging dye they used in the scan. Patterns of dye uptake, help them determine the integrity of the bone tissue and bone mineral content, as well as, whether there is a possibility of a disease process or condition present, such as cancer. Presentation of your symptoms and medical history, along with this skeletal study, are used together to make a diagnosis and give direction as to the next course of action.