increasing effectiveness of pain meds !!!

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    I saw my pain managment Dr. yesterday,go every month for vicoprofen refill.I am on a lot of meds,and really don't want to take more or increase the dosage.So, he told me to buy,may have to ask pharm. for some, DexAlone(dextromethorphanHBr).Better known as the DM in cough medicines-like Robatussin.(don't just take the cough medicines)It effects the pain receptors,we all know about them!!! Our bodies get used to our usual dosages,so this fools our body into thinking it is getting a bigger dose.I was told to take 3 a day,and if they made me sleepy to take 2 a day.I bought 30, 30mg. gelcaps for about$15.,hope to look around for a better price if they work.
    Will let you know the outcome-it's worth the try.Remember to check with your Dr.,esp. if you can't take some cough suppressents!!
    Here's to a pain free day for everyone!!!
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    thanks for the tip regarding Dex-Alone...I am familar with this and have never tried it. Do you have chronic persistant pain? If so, Vicoprofen may not be the best medicine for your pain control. I am assuming that vicodin type medications agree with you. There are some long acting medications like Oxycontin and some similar medications to Vicoprofen, like Norco 10/325 or the generic hydrocodone 10/325. You may know all of this...and I am just thinking...always wanting others to have better pain control...

    Thanks again,
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    most of the time my meds manage my fibro pain just fine-it's just when my spine is bothering me that I need a little something extra!!Thanks for the information tho-might have to take it under consideration.