Incredible pain after surgery....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PainSux, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. PainSux

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    I had to have a carpal tunnel repair done 3 weeks ago & will have to have the other done before returning to work. It's a work related injury. I have had a cervical fusion w/a plate put in my neck that was easier than this. I never thought that it would be this painful & I feel that I can handle alot of pain secondary to dealing w/it because of my FMS. I am not a wuss but I am literally in tears because of the pain & I'm taking more Vicodin than I have ever taken in my life.

    The weather today was too cold for me also & I live in southern California. I can literally feel a fibro flare or exacerbation coming on. Usually it's just upon me but it will be tomorrow.

    Sorry for the pitty party on my own behalf. Just had to unload.
  2. petsrme

    petsrme Member

    I am so sorry you are in so much pain. I hope your other surgery leaves you in less pain. Don't worry about the pity party. I am a frequent visitor to those. Sometimes we just need to vent. I hope you feel better soon and that when you heal it will all be very worth it.
  3. rosemarie

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    Two weeks before my oldest daugher was to be married I had my first gallbladder attack and at the ER nothing they did woule help ease that horriable pain and to have to tell them what naroctic pain pills I take they just look at me like AHH DUH How can you be in pain?

    HEr wedding was nice but I could not eat the food or have anything but water to drink and I felt awful and so bad. IT was such a beautifull day and the wedding was so beautifull but I felt so bad I just wanted to lay down and sleep all day long. I sat and cryied because i hurt so much but if I took a pain pill I would get aall dopy and tired and embarass her so i sat there all day and hurt like crazy. I was so glad whent he time to go home came and I could take a pain pill and sleep on the way home.

    I had my gall bladder surgery a little over 2 months ago and I still am in pain. The isison sitesa re tiny yet if I bump them or rub them or scratch them they hurt so bad that I feel like i have fire funning all over my body.

    My doctor told me that i would feel better within 3-5 days and it I had a job I could go back to work then. Five days after the surgery I was still laying in bed trying not to take any deep breathes because of the pain. I don't get how anyone could work with that amount of pain.

    Take to night I walked on the treadmill and I was getting off it and I bumped my side right where one of the insision sites are and there was so much pain you would have thought I had broken something< I hurt so bad tonight from that. I could jut scream but I am afarid that would make it worse.

    When you have chronic pain syndromes your pain levels are so screwd up , YOU were in pain before you had the sursgery and now it is worse becasue of the surgery. IT will take longer for you to heal and feel better . I still am more tired that I was before I hdamy gall bladder out.I still have days where the pain from this surgery still hurts so mcuh that I think I am nuts.

    I asked my pain doctor and I was in tears when he told me that it would take me up to a year to stopp haveing this intece pain and horriable faique I am having from this surgery. It will take me a year to feel like I did before. I thought that iiiiit would be just a few weeks before I wass doing all the tihngs I did before but no way.

    I had to get my home clenaed up to have it apparised and it took me two weeks to clean 2 rooms and they need to be dusted adn the floor vaccumed adn the kitchen needed teh counters cleaned off dishwasher loaded and ran, the table cleaned and I am still flaring That was two weeks ago.

    So all I can tell you is that your body wil take longer to help and to get you feeling better. So take it easy and get some rest and try to relax, You will feel better in time.

    I hope you get feeling better each day. So rest and relax take your pain meds and don't stress over taking them. That is what they are for to ease the pain.

    Take care of your self.

  4. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    starting in december. i have it in both hands. so i was hoping to hear something more hopeful on the issues.

    did they use laser or endoscopy surgery for you?

    happy healing and quickly,

  5. PainSux

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    Jodie, I had an open surgery vs. the arthroscopic secondary to the doctor telling me that he had switched to the arthroscopic for a time until studies came in showing a 10% rate of recurrance rate. So, he went back to the open but modified it where the incision is smaller & he stretches the skin underneath (like they do w/facelifts) so you don't have such a large scar.

    I think that this past weekend I got over some type of hump as far as the pain factor. And do not be afraid to use the pain medication. I kept trying to cut back too much too soon.

    Rosemarie, part of my rehab is to desensitize my scar line. I do not like this but it does involve rubbing it w/different materials. You could use something soft & then a tougher material. At rehab they have me use rollers that have very soft felt & up to a bristle type thing...really hate this but it is crutial( I know I spelled that wrong) and I hate this part of rehab. I rub my scar on my shirt, jeans then the couch to change the materials & it has improved. I think that is part of the reason why anything touching the area bothers you. Another thing is that after major surgery, which is what you had, it definitely takes a full year to feel your regular self. When I had a hysterectomy in 1983, I was only 30. I kept thinking I was back to my ole self, but within a couple of weeks it was like, WOW,now I feel much better...that continued up to the year mark. I don't think you'll feel bad for the year but will notice that you thought you were completely better & then notice that you're even better than the last time you noticed.

    I hope you feel better soon. I'm feeling better but it's going to be a long way back & I just accepted it. Once I accepted it, it became easier for some reason. I don't even care how long I am out from work. {{{{Hugs}}}}
  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    over your hump of pain..

    i am not excited about having surgery, but i am only well let's say i will be 41 on christmas next i am too young to be offically retired on ssdi like i am now...and i can not afford to stay home after the child support stops. so heck even being a receiptionis around here they want you to multi-task and do the computers as well....

    got to go and thank you for the imput on your surgery. here's to a speedy recovery


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