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    Nothing I enjoy more for today is send a Letter to the Editor on mass fluoridation in our city waters. WHen we were battling this in 2005-2008 I probably had a Letter to the Editor every day and they were published in our daily paper. I just realized I've gotten a good Wind of Energy as I just sent the one below. I have been so wiped out for almost 4 yrs since hip replacement mess. Having this Forced on the people, is NOT freedom, as in Independence Day meaning:

    Wake Up, Stop Fluoridation Madness

    We are closing in on about 4 yrs since our council collapsed to the polluters and started mass fluoridation of our public waters, with a toxic waste by product they call sodium fluoride and I understand WE PAY about $100,000+ per year to do this. The polluters make huge profits coming and going with their chemical pollutants. Don't be fooled, this material going into our water is from toxic waste aluminum industry and other smelters. This stuff is Hydrofluorosilicic Acid. Do your search.
    I recently asked our council: Have you been collecting data on HOW MANY CHILDREN ARE BENEFITTING from this mass medication to our waters? No answer, of course... That was their mantra, save children's teeth....sugar products are the killers.

    This fluoridation practice goes back decades and MANY have battled the forces who do this and many are dead, the stress of fighting evil can be so damaging. Thanks to the internet, millions now KNOW the dangers of fluoride and we have so many fighting the battle across the world. Many cities reject and many are now removing fluoride from their waters, Portland, OR being the latest to REJECT water fluoridation....a lot of smart savy people who "THINK" and "KNOW" the dangers of fluoride.
    Personally, I learned the toxicity of fluroide back in 1991 when I attended a lecture by a scientist on toxic chemicals...fluoride was right there. When our city was being approached by the "pushers" in 2005 a group of us formed the Santa Monicans For Safe Drinking Water, but not enough people got involved, it was a 3 yr battle, and I had MANY Letters to the Editor in this paper during that time period.
    Educate yourself, first by going to FAN (Fluoride Action Network), Dr. Paul Connett's organization and learn all you want to...there are TWO sides to everything and the truth is found. You like being poisoned, then continue to enjoy this toxin. If you know better, get your voices heard by the powers who run this city.

    There is a long list of communities who reject/remove this fluoride from city can find it online. There is SO MUCH information on this toxin, do your research.
    Some side effects of fluoride toxicity are: dental fluorosis, thyroid damage, joint damage/arthritis, brain damage....this stuff builds up in the body and we're left with so much damage.
    If you want fluoride, get toothpaste, there are 100's of brands...I wouldn't touch them personally.

    Wake Up, Stop Ingesting this Toxin.

    (signed by me)
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    Excellent letter, Jam.

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    Thanks Patti, this is my passion that I can try to do something locally. I have to kinda laugh, our city calls themselves environmentally sound, they have great bans on smoking everywhere, parks, beaches you name...but they add this toxic chemical to our drinking water. They are so ignorant and brainwashed.... jam
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    Good job Jam! Happy 4th -