Indiana Doctor Gives Hope to Fibromyalgia Sufferers (09/2004)

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    Indiana Doctor Gives Hope to Fibromyalgia Sufferers


    Local Doctor Gives Hope To Fibromyalgia Sufferers
    Reporter: Shannon Samson
    New Media Producer: Kerry Corum

    An Evansville, Indiana physician is going to the American Academy of Pain Management conference in San Antonio Wednesday, to present what could be a breakthrough finding. He suspects the chronic pain of diseases like fibromyalgia could be caused by a series of viruses.

    Anita Held, 64-years-old, needs a basket to hold all the pills she needs to get her through the day. Fibromyalgia leaves her sore all over and constantly tired. She says, "Breathing is an effort, just moving the least little bit is just an effort. So some days I actually will sleep all day long."

    Pain specialist Dr. David Johnson realized the fatigue, aches and chills many of his patients describe are the same symptoms that come with a case of the flu. So he had an idea: What if he tested them for some common viruses? "I went through and listed about three or four viruses, and didn't even know if the labs could test for them, and my gosh, they came back positive."

    He eventually came up with list of 17 viruses and found that his fibromyalgia patients were all testing positive for anywhere from three to nine viruses each. Dr. Johnson believes their immune systems aren't recognizing the viruses as pathogens and as they steal cell material to replicate, the patient is left with a host of ailments. He's prescribing anti-viral medications to try to suppress the viruses, which can take years.

    In the meantime, Johnson says, "I want to get the word out to physicians to test for the virus, use the anti-viral medication and let's all have some input and see if we can eradicate this condition."

    That would be a dream come true for Anita Held, who just found out she has three viruses. "I am glad they found something, because now we have something to work with, is the way I look at it. That's not bad news."

    She says it's good news to think maybe someday she could spend more time with her grandchildren without getting too tired.

    So far, 26 of Dr. Johnson's patients have tested positive for up to nine viruses. He says six are responding well to anti-viral medication.

    Besides fibromyalgia, the treatment is also helping sufferers of chronic fatigue and irritable bowel syndromes.

    Dr. Johnson outlined a list of the viruses he's testing for in fibromyalgia cases:

    *Epstein Barr virus EBV
    *Cytomegalovirus CMV
    *Herpes virus: 8 types
    *Parvovirus B 19
    Norwalk agent
    *Enteric Coronavirus
    *Varicella - Zoster virus VZV
    Pogosta virus
    Sindbis virus
    *Coxsackie A and B virus

    *The most frequently involved virses. Most patients will have from three to nine of these viruses at abnormal levels.

    For more information on Dr. Johnson's research, contact his office in Indiana at 812-425-2662.

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    Interesting article.
    Makes me think back, before being diagnosed with FMS I had I.T.P. (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura), a platelet disorder that has your anti-bodies eating your platelets thinking they are viruses. 3 possible solutions I tried:
    1-Prednisone: unsuccessful, platelets kept dropping
    2-IVIG Immunoglobuline: unsuccessful platelets kept dropping
    3-Removing the Spleen: successful, platelets holding strong.

    I did 4 months of Prednisone and on the 5th month did the first IVIG, exactly when the pains started (FMS)
    Makes me wonder ????????

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    I was actually diagnosed with Epstein Barr at the same time the FMS/CFS symptoms started to appear. But over the years I have mentioned this to different doctors and they all say the same thing as far as Epstein Barr is concerned-"everyone has that virus in their bodies, sometimes it causes problems, sometimes it doesn't". It has always been dismissed as unimportant!
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    i swear i don't think i will be able to get this tests done from kaiser insurance...but i could ask...

    i bascially have got the "i am sorry there is nothing really we can do for you except try to get you in the chronic pain managemt class#3 and try more pills."
  5. PVLady

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    I will be seeing a excellent infection disease specialist in few months here in CA. We have discussed his name here recently, he is Dr. Chia in Torrance, CA.

    In order to get an appt. your doctor must refer you with lab work results, etc. It takes a few months to get the appt. but I hear he is excellent.
  6. sandra_c6e1

    sandra_c6e1 New Member

    Thanks fight..for ur ((((((hugs)))))), back at u and evryone.

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