Indium Sulphate,enhances pituitary & hypothalamus

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    Nickname told me about this supplement and suggested I look it up. It would appear to have potential benefits for some of us but does have to be used correctly.

    Indium – Element no. 49

    What is Indium?

    Indium is a soft silvery metal that never dissolves in water –until compounded by laboratory personnel. Designated as element #49, it is the third heaviest element known to be useful in nutrition. Iodine, element #53, is the nutrient of heaviest molecular weight. Indium is never found in food or water, and ordinarily not in our bodies after 25-30 years of age. It is about the tenth most scarce of all available elements in the Periodic Table Of Elements. It connects the two largest groups of elements known to be beneficial to human nutrition.

    Is it safe for human consumption?

    This form of Indium, i.e., indium sulfate, is regarded as safe and has not demonstrated any toxic effect to persons or animals using several thousand times the recommended dosage. The usefulness of this element in humans and other warm-blooded animals has been established through research and development here in the United States of America.

    How does it taste?
    It has a clean, strong metallic, tart taste, but it is not unbearable. You will know it. Its taste cannot be hidden. "Typically Tastes Terribly Tart While Working Wonderfully Well."

    How does it work?
    Indium appears to provide enhancement to the master hormone producers, the pituitary and hypothalmus glands, to maintain optimal output of hormones. These in-turn, stimulate other hormone-producers. This creates a virtual cascade of over thirty hormones which are produced and circulated throughout the body to prevent and fight aging and health problems.

    In addition, indium increases the utilization in the body of other essential trace elements. Studies by Dr. Henry Schroeder, whose earlier research is responsible for eliminating lead from paint and gasoline, show the average utilization of trace elements is increased by 142% with indium.

    What benefits can I expect from Indium?

    Long term reduction of the appearances of aging. Greatly elevated immunity activity reducing severity and duration of colds and bruises and providing faster healing. Relief from arthritis. Faster working memory; less sleep requirements; sense of well being replacing depression. Over the next few years and with tens of thousands of users, we should see a lowered set of cancer figures for the Indium users. In seniors the sense of smell and taste returned in a short time. Over a longer period of time, too low blood pressure has gone up and too high blood pressure has come down. Several cases of blood pressure, up into the 160' s took two months to come down into the lower 130's at about one half point a day. Several participants achieved the return of former, youthful hair growth. More listings under "Benefits Achieved From Indium Absorption."

    Administration and Direction For Use:

    The Indium sulfate solution is taken orally. For maximum effectiveness and full absorption, Indium must be taken one drop daily on top of tongue upon arising in the morning, with no food or drink, medicine, etc., for at least 10 minutes thereafter. This is a requisite for proper absorption into the body. On contact with food or beverages the Indium compound becomes oxidized and un-absorbable.

    How fast does Indium work?

    It starts affecting glands in the first day, but most new users' benefits take over a week to reach noticeable level. You do not take Indium today for benefits today! You should take it for at least 3 months.

    How do I get the most benefits?

    By taking it as it comes in our bottle, a drop on top of the tongue upon awakening, with no tooth brushing, food, beverage, or medicine for at least the next 10 minutes. For an invalid the waiting period is 30 minutes. Eating before bedtime is not desirable. Undigested food residue in the stomach even after eight hours may defeat its usefulness, so it is imperative to follow the above directions.

    How is Indium packaged?

    The indium sulfate aqueous solution comes in a small multi-dose bottle, with a dropper in the cap. Each vial contains between 90-100 doses. One bottle provides a 3-month supply.

    What are the contraindications and cautions for use of Indium sulfate?

    It may have no benefit for type one diabetic individuals who are 100% insulin dependent. A very low thyroid condition may correct too fast in some users, thus producing a unique pressure headache. In that case it can be taken once a week, increasing the frequency until the body adjusts itself to it. The headache is noticeable only upon awakening and is relieved by any physical activity. Some of the users experienced headaches, which were modest and brief. A source of iodine is essential in the diet against these symptoms, the Morton Lite (Iodine) Salt is especially effective.

    Will Indium make me stronger with more endurance?

    Not directly, but indirectly. During prolonged physical exertion, lactic acid tends to build up in the muscle tissue, and the more it does, the greater the pain, thus limiting persistence in physically exerting activity. With Indium this build-up is slowed down, providing longer endurance.

    Benefits Achieved from Indium Absorption

    Memory improvements in older adults – in the second month

    Increased mental concentration in older adults – in four month
    Less sleep needed for full recuperation – in two days

    Better comfort reported by seriously ill persons – within the first week

    Obvious sense of well being – within the first week

    Improved rates of healing of scratches, burns, bruises speeded – under one week

    Elimination of pain of localized cancer – after the first week

    Taste sensitivity restored in seniors – after the first week

    Return of sense of smell in seniors – within the first week

    Normalization of too low blood sugar – in second week

    Hypoglycemia range reduced to near normal – in second week

    Stopping of normal migraine headache – in hours to two weeks

    Parkinson's patients walk, talk, navigate better – under two weeks

    Endurance in hard work and endurance sports extended – in ten days

    Normalization of low amounts of tears and saliva – in two weeks

    Senior diabetic control of sugar level – gradually in four weeks

    In two HIV/AIDS cases, wasting diarrhea returned to normal – after two weeks

    Eyeball pain disappears – by third week

    Normalization of low blood pressure – after two months

    Glaucomic eyeball pressure reduces gradually to normal – in four months

    Auto-immune illness, arthritis symptoms significantly reduced – by the third month

    Irregular menstrual cycle changes to normal – in two months

    Return of hair growth – in several months

    Disappearance of persistent dandruff – after six months

    Normalization of too high blood pressure – in four months

    Ending of dry hard skin on elbows and knees – after a year

    Return of moon-rise at base of fingernails – in second year

    Change of appearance in long-term aging process substantially slowed down
    Slower tooth tartar buildup around gums – after first year

    Well there you have it. Another possible remedy particularly for those who have problems relating to the HPA axis.



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    I guess the next 2 questions are, is anyone going to try it, or has anyone tried it?

    Are you going to?

    :) Victoria
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    but Nickname who suggested I look into this knows someone in the UK who has benefitted from it.

    I'm climbing the walls trying to sort out my sex hormone glips. very low dose oestrogen patch seemed good then it worsened a problem I already had so once I take the prescribed course of progesterone I must stop. I've been referred to a gyno but in the UK that means a very long wait and so far all but one of local hospital doctors I have seen have been useless.

    I felt so much better on this HRT, tried all the herbs etc which only helped a little so now it's back to searching for yet another option. My HPA axis is up the shoot as well. Hence considering indium and posting on it for other board members who feel it might help them.


  4. Wolverine

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    :) does sound good doesnt it - i know my HPA is all whacky! my hormones dont know what the're doing left right or centre! Id also like to know whos gonna try it :)

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    Hey tans and victoria: I've been a a guinea pig for about everythign thrown at me by cheney and others, i've got nothing to lose as sick as I am i know my HPA is suppressed, as many of us have theis problem

    HOW do we get it is the BIG QUESTIONS CAN You tell us tansy ? i'll e mail you since your can't post url here

    thanks great info sound wonderful and worth a shot i'd say, wouldn't you Paul M.
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    I read & printed this off from the East Park Research Site back in May and wondered about it myself - then forgot all about it. They also make OLE.

    "Indium is a rare trace mineral that supports several hormonal systems in the body. Indium may strongly elevate immune activity and reduce the severity and duration of a myriad of human ailments"

    Sounds good and safe to consume. - They suggest you also have Iodine, something I have just started taking this week with great results in the form of Kelp tablets. The effect is noticible the next day as my head is clearer and I have a lot more stamina within.

    I think for you these may be well worth trying out.

    Paulmark, hope it helps you too.

    Love Pat.

    PS. The initial effect of Cytolog seems to have worn off somewhat for me, though it`s still helping Dawn. So maybe my fatigue problem is Glandular. ~ As I don`t have an immune problem with viral/bacterial activity.
    Now Indium has my attention again thanks to you, i`m going to try it.

    Nutricentre sell Indium XL @ £39.95 90 day supply, best to buy the double or triple pack at discount and also get the 25% on top.

    I will let you know if it works.[This Message was Edited on 09/06/2003]
  7. tansy

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    I must admit I still have not made a decision on this one.

    This could be another possibility for Paulmark but I feel he needs some real help getting nutrients into his body now.


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    ...I recommended this to Tansy in direct response as something else to try with ref to the good old hormone problem. I have a friend who has been on it for about a month - 48, perimenopausal, and m.e./fibro - and she reports beneficial improvements. Probably too soon to say much else, but she is going to continue with it. She got it from the USA originally, but yes, it is avail at the Nutricentre in London - thanks Patpalmer.

    I can't go on it because I'm on dhea/pregnenalone/growth hormone secretagogues, but it's nice to have something in reserve.

    Met Slowgirl at the clinic the other day - it's nice to know these are not just words in cyberspace, but we are all real people. Wow!!

    best wishes

  9. tansy

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    you will find numerous sources, I found loads of info and suppliers using google. I live in the UK so if I can source supps here, and they're not too pricey I do.

    This just sounded very safe for patients like yourself. I would have thought the odds of reacting to it were very small. From what I can gather there wil be no immediate effect but it will work at a deeper level so that in time all the benefits it can give will come to light.

    It is the effect upon the master hormones that caught my eye. My HRT helped so much more than previous alternatives but aggravated a long standing problem which has gutted me. It did feel good until then. At least the NHS are finally going to look into it, only taken them 16 years!.

    Take care