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  1. mamahorn

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    Just wondered if anyone had ever used Indomethacin which is used for the inflammation caused by gout. I took them when my foot was swollen and discovered that my fibromyalgia was not bothering me as much as previously. I had more energy and the pain was not nearly as severe as before. I went from laying around most of the day to cleaning my kitchen cupboards and going up and down stairs easily. I didn't realize what caused the change until I stopped taking them. Each time I quit I was right back where I had been before. I'm now taking one pill a day and getting some relief. I'm not back to normal and know that this isn't a cure but it does help. I would just like to find out if anyone else has ever stumbled onto this or something like it.
  2. ulala

    ulala New Member

    yes, I've taken indomethacin in the past for my eyes. It does make me feel better. The only problem for me is that it makes me a little bit dizzy. I don't like to take it if I'm going to drive so I usually take it at night.

    It's a heavy hitter anti-inflammatory. One of the things that was recommended by Dr. Judy Mikovits for xmrv is anti inflammatory medications.

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