indoor gardening - how do I get started?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shannonsparkles, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    Mmmmm strawberries! Lemon balm! Peppermint! I got a seed catolog this week, and I'm drooling over the possibilities. I would grow them right under a sunny window, next to where I sit and read during the day, use them for cooking, watch them bud and bloom, nibble a tasty leaf here and there. :)

    Does anybody here have an indoor garden? What should I know to get started? Is it a lot of work? What plants are best for growing indoors? I'd like something that's eddible, smells nice, doesn't need much space or care, and most of all something that will probably not die. ;) Even better, something that will have berries and flowers! Ideas? Oh, and the seed catalog I had seeds for growing my favorite violet too! Thanks green-thumbers! ((hugs)) Shannon
  2. sdown

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    I see you have your computer back now that's good. I love gardening too. I have grown lemon balm in my outside garden for two years. I add a few leaves to hot water and it makes a nice tea. Its very good for calming the nervous system. Ive been successful at growing strawberries outside. Inside I currently have a squash plant growing. They produce beautiful yellow flowers. I bought a squash at Safeway and kept a few seeds. It grows well inside. All you need to get started is some potting soil and a few pots and a window that gets good sunlight. I tried to grow some avocado but wasn't successful. But I'll try again. Chives are easy to grow inside and are good for you. Have fun!
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  3. Highlandrose

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    This is going to sound a little cheezy, but Chia (yeah, the silly plant pet folks) make a complete little indoor herb garden kit. Comes with clay pots and saucers, growing medium and seeds. Easy as can be to do! I got one a while back for Christmas and keep it going all year. The plants have been growing strong for 3 years now with minimal care. As long as you give them good light, enough water and don't clip off more than you can use in one meal at a time, they'll do well for quite a while.

    Good luck, hope this helps,


    ps...most places carry them and they're a great inexpensive way to try out indoor gardening :eek:D
  4. LdyM

    LdyM New Member

    Great idea Shannon!

    Thanks, **LdyM
  5. Highlandrose

    Highlandrose New Member

    Thanks! I hope more folks will try them. Found out they do 2 now! An Italian herb garden and a kitchen herb garden. There are so many herbs you can use instead of the ones with the kit, too. And fresh herbs are so much better than dried.

  6. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    I have seen a strawberry plant that will grow in a hanging planter. I would think that would grow indoors with sufficient light. Of course, I have no idea where I saw it.
  7. LdyM

    LdyM New Member

    I'm sorry MEGAN (aka Shannon)! I sure got that one backwards.

    Two types is great. They sound yummy..

    Thanks again, **LdyM

  8. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    Go to your local library to check out a book about container gardening. I don't think strawberries will work in the house because of the pollentaion process. Herbs are fun to grow inside & out.

  9. jaltair

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    I'd love to have an indoor kitchen garden, right by my sink and stove. As a matter of fact, I plan to do that when we finally make the move to our home in Utah after our “retirement.”

    A friend of mine made a really simple and attractive one by putting a shelf with supports on the window sill and then putting down ceramic tile (small pattern type) to set the plants on. It was attractive and really practical as she didn’t have to worry about water.

    I think that Stormyskye is correct as far as using herbs. Herbs would lend wonderful fragrance and also be handy to “pick” fresh for food preparation!

    If you do any fruit like strawberries or tomatoes, then you need to artificially pollinate them. Collect pollen from stamen and transfer carefully to calyces of other blooms via Q-tip, and do it every morning before your lights are scheduled to go on.

    Also, there are five plants that are noted for their ability to flush out harmful air toxins: florists' mum, kimberley queen, English ivy, dracaena, and golden pothos. Imagine having herbs to cook with, strawberries to pick and eat or tomatoes to add to salad, and then having plants detox the air!
  10. Highlandrose

    Highlandrose New Member

    Container gardens are wonderful, too! You could set them all over your porch, deck, patio, where ever you wanted them. Then wander out, pick something to eat and away you go! There's almost no weeding, bending, crawling in the dirt, or getting dirty for that Lots of things can be container grown now. Bush varieties are the best for that. Check out for ideas. That's where I get all my seeds. And they're starting to carry organic seeds now as well.

    I do a lot of vegie gardening (even run the tiller myself when I can) and it's sooooo rewarding. I've lost weight, eat better, get loads of fresh air and sunshine and feel better all summer long. But it may be more than you could handle. I know there are some days it's all I can do to water. Once the vegies start coming in the hubby and I can as much as possible to preserve the fresh taste and nutients. Again, there are days when I can't do much more than water and pick, but it's okay. I know my limits, work around them as much as possible, and don't over do.


    Oh!! before I forget!! Check with your local 4-H extension office! there are lots of kids out there who'd love to garden that may not have space and might be available to come to your place to help get one going for you! That's who comes out and does all my soil amending and heavy work here when I can't. I share the vegies with them in exchange for their efforts.[This Message was Edited on 01/08/2006]
  11. Highlandrose

    Highlandrose New Member

    I blame Burpee for my spring fever. Got the new catalog just the other day and couldn't wait to go through it! Already laying out the plans for this year's veg garden, sorting out seeds from last year, and generally driving the husband nuts about


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