inevitable loss of sanity?

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    i commend everyone who lives with fm/cfs and stays relatively sane. i also commend anyone who eventually loses their mind. I commend anyone who survives this day in and day out and still holds onto a shred of hope. i commend anyone who goes on day after day with no hope. I commend everyone for just going on. I commend those who don't go on. anyone who has suffered from this condition/s is to be commended no matter the outcome. somehow the days keep coming one after another. life is happening all around me in some blurry way but i feel like im hobbling after a train going just too fast for me to jump on. Im so isolated. I have no contact with any friends from my life. i will keep coming here because people here understand and and always pick me up with their insightful wisdom and caring. I am being treated for a number of mental disorders and i blame most of it on fm/cfs.
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    I think it takes a tremendous amount of inner strength to last long with this disease.

    When you look at all it steals from you, your family, your friends, your ability to socialize, your ability to work, just everything in your life is stolen from you. And yet, you are supposed to go on living. I'd say, most people could never deal with it. And we are not given enough credit for going on like this.

    Many of us are forced to live in a form of solitary confinement that's usually reserved for people in jail. I actually really relate to people who are in prison now because of all the years I've spent in my own form of solitary confinement from this disease.

    People never understand. They don't realize that we are so strong on the inside. I know of so many people who would crack like an egg in under a week of having this disease. And I've lasted nearly twenty years with it.
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    You said it so well.

    This illness isn't a death sentence; It's a Life sentence. And somehow we go on.

    We do go on.

    I'm with you.

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    As I sit out on my porch with my laptop because I am too exhausted to do anything else, I pray that we all have the strength to make it through all of this.

    I pray too, that miraculously, there will be some kind of cure, or a HUGE relief from this awful symptoms.

    Nobody does understand, but WE do. It is an uphill battle every single day. But somehow, us warriors make it through. We have that strength. We have husbands and wifes, kids, and animals and we somehow are able to take care of them too,

    So for just 1 hour tonight, let's just sit back and relax and think pleasant thoughts and dream about the happier days that we all dreadfully need

    Take care everyone
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    And I commend you for commending all of us!!

    You are a great person, with a good understanding of what this life of ours is all about. Bless your heart.......Jole
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    I have only recently been wondering how people/I am to get through this for the next 30 or 40 years. (been sick 27)

    Still I searching for the "cure" or a way to just get better. I believe that the endless search can contribute to the insanity as well. So many different specialists with so many different opinions. Then there is the "if only I had the money to go see that doctor..."

    Acceptance and peace with this illness is my hardest challenge. Maybe it is a level of insanity that we have to reach to accept this and be at some kind of peace?????
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    Kudos FibroFoggiest - kudos.