Inexpensive gifts... handmade or not

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    Just thought I'd start a thread with different ideas, hoping others will add...

    I happened across this idea of turning a tee shirt into fashion for a teen or 20-something, of for a more daring one of us? LOL. It uses a tee & a tube top... thought it was kind of neat and can imagine doing different patterns with the "holes", combining 2 tees or even 3 if thin enough, and no real sewing...
    the directions precede this photo:
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    someone posted a recipe of how to make homemade soaps, bath fizzies etc. I don't have the link to that post anymore, but I see that there are quite a few interesting recipes along that line if you google for them.

    As I recall, the people who made them were impressed with the cheapness, ease to make and that they were well-received gifts.

    Best wishes,
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    There are all kinds of ornaments one can make from dollar bills, origami style.
    Or the really pretty colored/patterned Origami paper, tho $1 bills may be the cheapest?

    Here's some links:

    star ornaments:


    flowers, actually quite pretty:

    Might be neat to do with foreign currencies too, if you can get some. It would be more colorful at least...

    Plus if one can get some chinese coins, fake or real, you could make a "money tree":

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    tried to search for it, but the search really doesn't work well here.

    But I did come up with this page, making "bath melts":

    And also this page for the bath bomb recipes and cold process soaps, etc. You're right, they seem VERY easy especially when you compare prices with the store-bought ones!

    Also I was thinking that taking epsom salts, adding different mixtures of essential oils, can be done cheaply, put in a glass jar and made to look nice... per Cup of epsom salts, there's not that many drops of oil used and there are a lot of drops of oil in those tiny bottles, surprisingly.

    this site has a lot of good ideas for all of the above plus other stuff (body scrub, spritzers, etc):

    One can make reed diffuser oils tho from what I read, it needs:
    either a pre-mixed reed diffuser base oil or Dipropylene glycol (fragrance grade) to add the essential oils to. The base dilutes the essential oil or fragrance oil, and helps the reed diffuser oil wick up the reeds.

    There is a third ingredient that may not be needed for every reed diffuser oil you make, but may want to have on hand (especially if you use dipropylene glycol, fragrance grade, as the reed diffuser oil base): Perfumer's alcohol, which thins the diffuser oil to allow better wicking."

    Plus you do need reeds as they are fibers, so it will wick and diffuse correctly, but it's fairly cheap.

    Plus one more site for aromatherapy/bath salts possibilities:

    (The only one I would never use in a bath is peppermint as not all tissues of the body find it pleasing!!!!!)

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    there are creative people out there doing stuff.... hope to get more responses.
    ONLY 64 Days, 20 Hours, and 27 Minutes as of this writing!

    but in the meantime, if you cannot make anything,
    there's a lot of neat stuff at

    Art, books, recycled purses, jewelry, body care products, and more...
    made mostly by people with Lyme who cannot do anything else,
    and a percentage will go to TurnTheCorner org and Lymenaide.
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    I use one cup of Epsom salts with 20 drops of essential oil. Everyone I give it to hides it. Other family members take a shine to it and they never get any.

    I've also taken unscented lotion and body wash and added essential oil. Everyone loves that too.

    Recently, I've been experimenting with liquid hand soaps. Once again, I use the unscented kind. Unscented usually contains aloe which is fine with me. Essential oil there also. Haven't given this out yet. I figure that as soon as I do, I'll be bombarded.

    For the liquids I use, I add about 10 drops per ounce, give or take, depending on what it smells like. Sorry I can't be more specific.

    Other ideas:

    - I saw this at our local library. They took pretty greeting cards and turned them in to book marks. I bet you could probably make coasters if you thought about it.

    - I know we can't do much, but how about making coupons for the things we CAN do. Like offering to give harried parents a break with an hour or two babysitting a sick person so they can get out of the house to run errands or whatever.

    - Cook small batches of your specialty at a time. Freeze it to give later. I was thinking about the Greek Chicken recipe when I thougth of this. Or assemble the dry fixin's for soup or chili or cookies and put in a jar. Include directions for cooking.

    Happy Gifting!

    P.S. Check the travel size bins at stores. Sometimes they have neat little bottles of lotion, hand sanitizer, shower gels, lip balm, etc. Usually about $1 each. It's fun to choose scents you wouldn't normally get.

    Also, grocery stores or stores that sell imported stuff have travel size snacks, teas and coffees. I made a little picnic once for a friend who was in the middle of a really bad quarter at school. Only spent about $5, but she was tickled. [This Message was Edited on 10/24/2010]
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    on a duct tape purse... LOL:

    there are other free patterns at that site:

    There are some neat ideas on duct tape products here, Lots of ideas plus both free instructions and for sale: