inexpenxive powder magnesium?

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  1. mdjaj2231

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    My daughter has conquered her ibs with the natural calm which someone here had told me about years ago. Our economic situation (like so many others) has declined sharply and it is really a struggle to afford it. She can't tolerate pills. can anyone recommend a cheaper substitute?

    Thanks guys.
  2. SnooZQ

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    If you want to stay w/the NC product, ck various net providers for best price. Remember, the bulk jars will usually provide better value than the single serving packets.

    NC is primarily magnesium citrate (about 650 mg/serving) plus flavors & fizzers. If you add plain mag citrate powder to a little juice, can do without the flavors.

    Check out NOW brand mag citrate powder. On 1 website I checked it cost about $8.00 for 80 servings of 450 mg. mag citrate. Of course there are s & h considerations ... You'd have to do a little math to see if it's worthwhile for you.

    If you want a fizz, experiment with adding a tiny amt (1/8 tsp.) of baking soda to your juice + mag citrate powder -- assuming that extra sodium isn't a problem for you.

    There may be other brands out there, but NOW is one that I've used & am familiar with. You do have to keep the container tightly closed or you end up with rocks ...

    Another source to ck might be Beyond a Century.

    Best wishes.
  3. mdjaj2231

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    This sounds much more affordable!
  4. LaurieB

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    I'm not sure where you live, but I also like NOW products and buy them locally at Fruitful Yield stores.
  5. marti_zavala

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    I use Swanson's and it is very good pricing.

  6. mdjaj2231

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    Thank you.

    I knew I could count on everyone on this board, as usual.

  7. JewelRA

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    I bought my NC from vitacost and it was very reasonable. They also have their own brand knock-off of it (NSI), but some of the ratings say it does not taste as good.