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    Hi all,
    I had a 'growth' on my leg that needed to be remove to do a biopsy on. It looked cancerous to the DR. I went to a dermatoligist and had it removed. That was on Thursday afternoon. She said it was deep and needed lots of stitches. On Friday morning when I got up, or tried to it was red hot, infected, swollen ect. I called of course antibiotics were given to me. She knew I have DD. Now when ever I get anything invasive done I am to get antibiotics? Does this sound right? 24 hours after I started the meds the swelling was gone and so was the redness?? Any info??
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    I wish i had an answer...all i can do is tell you that i find i'm not alone in the infection department! The only problem I have is that every time i take antibiotics for bacterial infection, i wind up with thrush, which seems to be just as bad or worse...

    Hope you get to feeling better soon, and Thanks for the info, even though that wasn't your intent. The more i read the more i realize that you gotta be here to understand what it's like to have one or more of these DD! No wonders no one really believes we are sick! It's hard to believe that anyone could have so many screwball things go wrong with one body!

    God Bless...and Keep you !