Infectious disease specialist I need to blow off steam

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    My PCP (I have an HMO) gave me a referral to an infectious disease specialist. I am being treated at the FFC for 2 viral and 2 bacterial infections. I also have candida. All of the results are almost twice what they should be and the c. pneumoniae is actually 1:1024.

    I like the FFC but I am running out of money.

    Anyway, they called today and said that they cannot help me. They don't treat these infections!!! What IS up with that!!! My insurance won't cover the FFC because they are out of network. I'm p'd off!!

    My PCP was suppose to call me but didn't... I'll continue tomorrow. What a scam this all is!!


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    Do they believe that you really have no infections according to the lab work you presented?

    It makes no sense . The doc could at least prescribe an antiviral like valtrex if you have EBV .
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    Dear Hootie1:

    I would call your insurance company and ask them where you CAN get treatment for these infections. If the infectious disease expert cannot treat you (I am guessing that there is some reason that they do not treat your infections) then you should be able to go the FCC and that should be covered by your insurance company. As far as I know, I do not think that doctors can pick and choose which infections they treat. Did the office give you the name of a doctor who does treat your infections? Just curious.

    Good luck.

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    Just curious, which FFC are you going to, and is the specialist Dr. Chia that could not help you?

    I am supposed to see Dr. Chia in Torrance in January, he is also an infectious disease specialist.

    I thought the FFC treated the infectious diseases??? I was also going to see them tomorrow, but don't want to waste my time if they cannot help me.
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    No, I am not seeing Dr. Chia. The infectious disease specialist that I was referred to is not. See, I am trying to go to someone within network so that my insurance will cover the care. I am happy with the FFC- I'm just running out of money and it seems that under my insurance I should be able to find a doctor that will treat me using the same protocol.

    Thank you to everyone else. You are right- I am going to call my insurance company and hopefully my PCP will call me back tomorrow.
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    When I had an HMO I could not stand the fact that I had to wait for them to 'pre-approve' procedures/doctors/etc.

    I know how frustrated you must be. I hope the PCP gets back to you soon.

    I hope you can unwind for this treatment of you.

    Try not to stress out because of 'them'.

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    Dump the Infectious Specialist, just go see your general and inform yourself and explain to him what you need. A naturopathic doctor is more appropriate, but good luck finding one.
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    Thank you to everyone for sharing and caring- it means alot. My PCP never called me and when I called the office, the nurse said that he will be out for the next week on vacation and was sorry that he didn't call me.

    When I called back to talk with the IDS office, the secretary would not give a message to the specialist to call me and she said that it is policy not to talk with the patinet and that I must talk to my PCP. How crappy is that!! This is a fairly known hospital, but I have seen this "hands off" treatment quite a bit at that hospital. It is a teaching hospital and a big one, but I plan on going elsewhere because this was the straw that broke the camels back. They are SO uncaring.

    I spoke with my HMO and they suggested that I change PCPs and try others -as you all have. I just didn't have anyone that I knew of. As luck would have it, I was speaking with an old friend with FMS and CFS and she told me about an office that believes in FMS and CFS and treats for it. I immediately called to change my PCP and made an appointment.

    Even if my PCP calls me, I don't care because I am moving on. I may not even take his call because quite frankly, now, I don't care what he has to say. Actually, I found out that this new PCP that I am scheduled with previously worked in the same practice as my old PCP but moved because of her beliefs in CFS and FMS.

    Well - it worked out for the best - someone had a guiding hand in this one! Not saying that the new PCP will be the answer, but at least she is open to our problems. She was treating with low dose antibiotics and actually tested my friend for infectious diseases. I believe that she has also tried to refer her patients to the FFC - I'll find out at the end of September.

    Thank you all for listening!!!!
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    An HMO is required to provide treatment and if they have no one in their network who can treat your condition, they have to go outside the network to provide care. They don't like to do that because it costs them more. They cannot make you pay more than the usual co-pay in this case.

    I'm so glad you found a PCP who treats our illnesses. Before I found my specialist, my PCP was very helpful in treating me and he admitted that he knew nothing about our illnesses. The important thing was that he was willing to learn. I did the research and provided my findings to him. He was a jewel but he dropped out of my network so I found another doc. By then, the specialist and I had pretty much extablished my regimen.

    Please, let us know how the appt. goes.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank you for replying!