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  1. Hamm40

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    I'm having problems with inflamation in my left shoulder and arm. An MRI showed inflamation and I have fibromyalgia with ruptured discs in my spine and neck. I also have IBS. Has anyone else had inflamation with fibromyalgia? Therapy is not helping.
  2. findmind

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    I'm so sorry you're have such terrible pain from inflammation! I'll tell you what helped me the most, ok?

    Osteo Bi-Flex has almost stopped my severe spinal pain from osteoarthritis and degenerative disk disease (OA AND DDD).

    Six acupuncture sessions seemed to stop my FM pain for 6 years; I may go again soon, to keep it under control.

    My ruptured lumbar disk was stopped by only one injection treatment! it was just amazing. It does flare up when I have lifted anything too heavy for it to tolerate, but ice packs and then heat really helps it.

    I also have IBS-1st Diarrhea, then constipation. So I've added more fresh veggies and fiber foods: sweet potatoes, broccoli (raw and steamed/nuked), raw shredded carrots in salads, asparagus (really makes one GO!, LOL), etc.

    I must take my probiotic everyday, too or I really know the difference, with bloating and pain. The best med I've used for intestinal spasms was Bently...only one usually did the trick.

    A friend had to have her rotator cuff surgically repaired, but her arm has never been fully strong again, so that is a really tuff one.

    Oh, 1000mg Omega-3 oil caps are a BIG help for inflammation, I've found just over the past 6 months. Got the suggestion here, on the board.

    Good luck to you getting this under control.

    Happier New Year!
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    You didn’t mention what kind of therapy are you currently on.
    You didn’t mention when and why did you get inflammation. How can I possibly know? One thing if you have it after injury or surgery – other when you have general inflammation most CFSID people have.

    General inflammation can arise from celiac disease which can be your case of IBS. Just as any other autoimmune process. Lupus, Crohn and much more.

    1. Get some good immunological panel.
    2. Get celiac anti-bodies test.
    3. Get your intestines checked. (Intestine has intimate relation with immune system)

    There are great deal of stuff that can help to coupe with your inflammation effectively, but if you’ll be unable to figure out it’s root you can as well have life-long inflammatory process, and thus life-long management.

    Diagnostics came first.

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