Inflamed Tonsils? What's That?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joeb7th, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    I'm 55 . Male. Have posted telling y'all I got sick starting dec. 2005.

    Last few months I've been telling doctors my neck hurts right below the jaw in back on boith sides. Sometime alot and it feels like I am choking... but constant pain. One rheumy felt there and said he didn't feel anything and to tell my PCP. I told my pcp, he felt there and said he didn't feel anything either. But didn't even look in my throat. Months later a GI doc looked in there and said " hmmmm, your tonsils are inflamed."

    Also, for months I have been telling these same docs that when I breath it feels like cold, bone dry air going into my lungs and that my lungs seem a bit sore and full. Sometimes my back is sore too. Nothing recommended about this or mentioned.

    Finally the last two doctors now say they hear a wheeze in my right side lung. Finally got an appointment with a pulmonary Physician's assistant to check on this. What could all this be? I've never been a smoker.

    This is on top of the other 12 symptoms I tell them I have. Most of the time they just look away and be silent and change the subject like listen to my heart or something and they never bring up my mentioning this the rest of the visit. Like I feel so sick and fainty almost every day now. Sorry, no comment. And I am having to double my dose of lorazepam to ease the incredible nerve haywireness all throughout my body with tremoring and shaking.
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    Hi Joe,
    I'm sorry the doctors are limited by what specialty they are. I had two tonsils and one was significantly larger. I talked my pcp into referring me to an ear nose and throat doctor. Boy did that open up a can of ailmenets. I felt that my tonsils got in the way and food would get on it and make me choke (which would make me pee and really hated that). He said that before he can do anything, I would need to have a sleep test to see if I had sleep apnea. Whatever! Had a sleep test and it showed that I stopped breating for at least 10 seconds 41 times in an hour. That is considered severe sleep apnea. So it was inevitable that I would have both tonsils removed. I'm 55 years old and heard bad stories of getting you tonsils removed as an adult. It wasn't too bad really. I suffer with pain all the time and this was just one more pain. I sucked on popsicles all day long for a while. Curing the sleep apnea cleared up a lot of my fms symtoms and sensitivities. I don't know if this is your problem; just thought I'd share.

    I would suggest you get to see an ENT doctor. Good luck.

  3. Gothbubbles

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    My tonsils are so large. I even get food particles stuck in them. Talk about gross! Every doctor I've mentioned this to doesn't seem to care. I was like, "should I have them removed?"

    They said they were an important part of the lymphatic system and I should not get them removed.

    Doctors can be such jerks.

    Don't be afraid to get second, third, fourth, tenth opininos. You wouldn't beleive it but it does help get you answers sometimes.

    cfs 6 1/2 years

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