Inflammation, and where?

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    I know that FMS is not considered to be an Inflammatory conditions.
    What I am wondering is, do you have any other Condition's that are being caused by Inflammation? Like for instance "Collagen Diseases", which to me is a real link to some of my other condition's, like CMPD, and IBS, and MVP, along with Plantar's Fasciitis, because connective tissues is an essential part of every structure in the body.

    So when there is disease of the collagen, it is called an Autoimmune disorder.
    That's when our natural body's defense, the Immune system, start's to go to work abnormally, in other word's it attacks and destorys the collegeen, it's fighting an Oppoent that isn't there.

    Some of the other Inflamation condition's that I'm wondering about are, Scleroderma, Polymyalgia rheumatica, this is suppose to be rare, but I see more people with the symptoms of this. Also RSD, Lupus, Polareteritis nodosa, just to name a few that I have across in my research.

    I also have found that Infection's untreated can cause Inflammation later in life. For instance, when I was younger, I had a Serious Ear infection, it wasn't treated, we were to poor to go to the Dr. and now I have a nasty case of Mastoiditis, and once again Inflamation is involved.

    I have IBS, 2 kinds really, one is the Irriatable bowel syndrome, and the other is Inflammation of the bowel, which is caused by CMPD trigger point's.

    There does seem to be some kind of connection in this area and I have been reading some articles, on Inflammation and the Immune System.

    But there's nothing like asking folks who have similiar problems what their take is on the Inflammation conditions that they might be suffering with.

    Thanks for any help., sorry this was Long, but it's kind of important right now, for some input from other's.


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    I have such horrible infammation in my legs. They swell and become red and feel very warm to the touch. As a matter of fact I can not stand to touch them at all. I am on Bextra from my rheumatologist, and Ambien to help me fall asleep. I have to stand on my job and the pain is so unbearable. Does anyone have any suggestions that I might do for this pain? I am only on the Bextra for the inflammation , nothing else. Sometimes I don't feel as though I can walk somedays and if I ever stoop down and bend my knees I may not get up. I have to hold on to something and pull myself up. The pain is not normal and I am hurting so badly. I have an appt. with my rheumatologist on July 10. I need help!!
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    I really am looking for this kind of input, because I feel like there's maybe something to the Inflammation that is being over looked.
    It's interesting in the different types of Inflammation Disease's, more than I ever knew about, which is a lot but I'm learning.

    A Dear Friend and I were talking about Pain and Inflamation, and how you had to Get On Top of the Pain in order for the Inflamation to diminish. Then when you can get the Pain under controll, you can improve the problem that is causing the inflamation. I'll bet that's as clear as Mud, sorry, it's hard for me to put down my thought's sometime's. Didn't use to be that way.

    I was thinking that since I have Inflamation in my Gland's at time's, or my Intesines, or even with the other condition's like OA, and even Plantar's Fasciitis, have swelling in the Tissue's, anyway, just a thought, and what's nice is I have a Doctor that agress with me, but isn't sure that it's the cause or even a Symptom of FMS/CMPD.

    So I'm trying to find out, how many Different condition's other's have, who also have FMS or CMPD, that involve's Inflammation.
    Thanks again,
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    Interesting...I also had Mastoiditis that wasn't treated very well as a child...the pain was unbearable and I was sick for a long time with it.

    I've heard that FM is really a form of arthritis even though some do not get inflammation. I was dx with osteoarthritis shortly after my FM symptoms began and have been taking anti-inflammatories since which are not so good for stomach. I had to stop the Naproxen and now looking for something else - I heard that Diclofenac with Misoprostol is supposed to be better and going to ask on next visit. I also have bowel/bladder inflammations so I'm sure it's all connected somehow.

    Barbara: have you ever been checked for reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD)? Your leg problem sounds like those type of symptoms...swelling, redness, pain, etc. Glad to hear you are getting it checked out. Good luck!
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    Don't know if its the fMS or co-conditions but its in my blood vessels, nerves, especially head neck and shoulders.
    Was in many other places but those spots kind of went away; stuck with the more stubborn ones (deeper damage?).
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    I know when I have my Blood drawn, it now hurt's, where it didn't before. The Lab gal, that usually does the Test, on me, said it was because I had a lot of Inflammation in my Vein's and it made it difficult to get a good draw.

    Yet, I don't have an type of Disease's that are associated with Inflammation, like RA, Lupus, but yet I get swelling in the oddest places.

    Thanks all for the input, what I'm doing is probably spinning my Wheel's, but I just keep thinking that this Inflammation problem began After the FMS started.

    Hope you all have a Great Day,