Inflammation/Sloan Kettering

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    I've been working on reducing/attacking inflammation in my body...I've
    been taking Anatabloc since Jan this year and for 4 months was feeling
    very good results, then Abloc seemed to have stopped working or whatever
    happened I don't know...

    So I've added Zyflamend and into my 2nd month with this anti inflammatory
    otc supplement...just doing some research I found this link from Memorial
    Sloan Kettering talking about Zyflamend re: inflammation including cancers...

    When you access the link, you will find a page of disclaimers, you click on your
    agreement and then the page will come up re:'s quite affordable. I take
    both but a little less Anatabloc with adding the Zyflamend.

    My feeling is everyone has a degree of inflammation, some more than others.
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    Here is a private blog on Zyflamend...I have no interest in the company except I want to reduce inflammation as much
    as possible for all body systems: heart, joints, and any
    possible cancers.
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    I just checked and ProHealth sells Zyflamend and has a few good reviews from users.

    One of the users said they have been using "Z" 5 yrs and it's really helping
    their joint issues (pain).

    Reducing inflammation is what has to be worked on, all the pain meds
    in the world are a bandaid, and I do the bandaids, but working
    to reduce inflammation is what I know has to be done.