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  1. nyssagirl

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    Does anyone else have inflammation in their ribs and back? Sometimes it becomes intolerable. I am having a bad bout of it right now. Just interested to know if anyone else has it.
  2. Renae610

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    ion cleansing? It pulls inflammation, toxins, and more out of the body through the feet.
    It works. My daughter notices a positive difference.
  3. nyssagirl

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    I haven't heard of that, can you tell me more about it? I can look it up on the computer.
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  4. Renae610

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    If you look up ion cleansing on the internet, you will see several sites, some telling you the facts and benefits and other sites trying to convince you that it is a hoax. It is not a hoax!
    Ion Cleansing pulls toxins out of the body through the feet, where your largest pores are.

    I read that chronic Lyme patients have more difficulty detoxifying than others do, so this treatment can really help! My daughter has been chronically ill for 9 years, and has done several detoxification treatments but none of that brought the relief she gets from ion cleansing. It has gotten to where she can feel herself getting too toxic and too much inflammation-- she feels terrible! she asks (begs!) me to help her ion cleanse! She uses it once a week now.

    What I know is based on my family's experience combined with the "education" I received from a great man employed by our chiropractic clinic. We rented his machine several times, and that is not expensive (between $10 - $15 per treatment). Since it is so difficult to get my ill daughter out of the house and she needed more treatments, we bought our own machine, and he recommended a brand that was not as expensive as others. I've seen models on the internet that are over $2,000 but ours was $1,500.

    When you ion cleanse, various colors appear in the water. Orange is a sign that inflammation is pulled out.
  5. nyssagirl

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    Thank you so much for your reply!! I am interested. I heard the chiropractor down here in town does that cleansing. I think the lady that had it done said it cost her $45. Do you know how many times you have to do it? I wonder if once does any good.
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  6. Renae610

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    Our chiropractic office sold six cleanses for a special price, which was cheaper than having one done.

    You could start with one cleanse to see how it works for you, and I'd think, at the very least, you would notice subtle change. Then do more as needed or as recommended to you by the professional.

    I have seen people with various serious conditions, saying this really helped them.

    As you do more cleanses, and more frequently, the deeper it pulls out from different systems of the body. Inflammation is the first to come out (orange). Because you may have inflammation build-up and this is your first cleanse, it may take a few sessions to get it out. If you cleanse only once a month, you might only just pull inflammation each time, so this is why we recommend going more frequently in the beginning. Next comes green, which is from the gallbladder/liver. Then comes clear white bubbles from the Lymph system. After that, comes the brown, which is cell debris. Black flecks are heavy metals. Tiny white specks are Candida yeast, which can come out anytime, and tend to float on top.

    There are different intensities to run it on: low, medium & high. If you are very sensitive, you may want to start out on low speed. Eventually, at higher intensities, you may pull more such as the heavy metals.

    Before the cleanse you have to be well hydrated/ get plenty of electrolytes. Otherwise, the cleanse can be a bit itchy. After the cleanse, be sure to replenish yourself with minerals, vitamins, and water/electrolytes too.