inflammatory nodules?

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    I'm 38, male, and I have had a diagnosis of fibromyalgia for about 4 years. In the past year I've developed inflammatory nodules on my legs. They look like tiny hard bumps that eventually scab over. My doctor says he believes the inflammatory nodules are inflamed hair follicles (he didn't observe them, I just described them to him), but I'm not so sure. I seem to develop these bumps near areas that frequently develop muscle trigger points.

    Does anyone else experience this phenomenon?
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    I definitely have fibro though I've learned to control it compared to years ago by getting more sleep and avoiding stress. The nodules make me wonder if I don't have an autoimmune condition on top of that, though, especially because I've started noticing more joint problems. But the nodules aren't in places usually associated with rheumatoid arthritis.
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    Are the bumps below the knee or above or both? what size are the bumps: smaller than a lentil, about the size of a pea or much larger than a pea?
    Are the bumps sore or itchy. Or is the skin around them itchy. Is there any redness around the lumps. Are the lumps hard or soft ie can be flattened by light pressing?

    If the bumps are smaller than a lentil sore and spread over your legs then your doctor is probably right, either hair follicles or sweat glands. Not uncommon in people with FM who do a lot of walking. also in people with FM who are gaining weight.

    If the bumps are itchy and not particularly sore and a bit larger than a lentil and mostly below the knee then these could be Erythema nodosum most commonly on the shins or lower legs. Causes include certain drugs, bacterial throat infections, also inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Mononucleosis, tuberculosis, and Hodgkins disease. Pertinently we have found some people with FM get them, most commonly associated the IBD or irritable colon.
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    The bumps fit the first description, they are very small and sometimes a little sore, and mostly above the knee. Sometimes I get a few on my calves.

    I'm wondering if I have some kind of inflammatory condition going on. My joints have started bothering me moreso in the past month.