Influence of CFS on Personality Profile

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    The Influence of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on the Personality Profile: A
    Case Report

    Journal: Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Volume: 12 Issue: 3, Cover
    Date: 2004, Publication Date: 2005, Copyright Date: 2004, Page Range: 63 - 71

    Authors: Elke Van Hoof, Clin Psy, PhD; Kenny De Meirleir MD, PhD

    Elke Van Hoof Clin Psy, PhD, Department of Human Physiology, Faculty of
    Physical Education and Physical Therapy, Vrije Universiteit Brussel,
    Brussel, 1090, Belgium

    Kenny De Meirleir MD, PhD, Department of Human Physiology, Faculty of
    Physical Education and Physical Therapy, Vrije Universiteit Brussel,
    Brussel, Belgium

    Objective: Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) functionally impairs many
    patients. Despite numerous studies and reviews in CFS, little is known
    about the behavioral consequences. Several researchers have already
    suggested the influential role of personality as a possible predisposing or
    perpetuating factor.

    Method: A case study is presented of a 34-year-old man with a history of
    CFS. Psychological profiling using the MMPI-2 was performed during the
    course of his condition.

    Results: His passive-aggressive manner during the medical encounter was
    underscored by his personality profile (code type 3-2). After his recovery,
    however, a spike 3 profile emerged indicating a fulfilled individual.
    Somatic items included in the inventory, created a secondary increase of
    the clinical scales. Physical complaints diminished as his condition
    improved and subsequently, decreased the clinical scales.

    Conclusion: The relevance of classifying personality characteristics in CFS
    patients as traits could not be supported by this case report.

    Keywords: Chronic fatigue syndrome, personality profile, neurotic triad,
    spike 3, somatic items[This Message was Edited on 10/20/2005]
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    Psychiatrisits like these should be rounded up and their forced labor be used for public works such as picking up trash along interstates and digging up ditches. This is the only way to make them into productive members of the society and improve their work ethics (strictly my personal opinion).

    What does it contribute to CFS field of study?? Absolutely nothing.What does this study truly show? Only how easy it is for someone in a remotely clinical field to publish just about anything just about anywhere. You can publish based on a single patient encounter, give him a 10 minutes test twice, call it a case study, and lo and behold! Where is their work ethics? Are they not ashamed to put out "garbage papers"? All it is just empty jargon, which can pretty accurately be translated like " This guy was very ill, cranky and irritable when he came in, but when he got better, he was much more pleasant to talk to". Does this journal have no standards?

    It demonstrates again and again that psychiatry is of no help for CFS patients and most of the others too. It only shows how many people in a mental health field are needing help themselves.

    And what kind of jerk would call a very ill patient "passive agressive"? It tells a lot about the attitude. Call someone on the street a cunning b..., and you could be arrested. Call him passive aggressive, you will get paid for practicing medicine and get published. It actually took THREE of these geniuses to produce this work of art! A masterpiece truly!
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    Thanks for the post Tansy.I think the research is a useful contribution for the wider community and perhaps for us as sufferers on bad days, when ignorant health professionals project some fashionable theory onto our vunerable selves.I would never use psychological research to form an opinionion but plenty do.
    Having spent the morning reading the marshall protocol it was clear that many improvements were in the mood /emotional areas
    and this is through killing off bugs.
    Now what are all those very wise psychotherapists going to do for a quid.!

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