Influence of Melatonin on Fatigue Severity

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    Influence of Melatonin on Fatigue Severity in Subjects with Repetitive or Continuing Fatigue and Late Melatonin Secretion

    The effect of melatonin, a chronobiotic pro-hormone, was explored in 29 subjects with repetitive or continuing fatigue and Dim Light Melatonin Onset (DLMO) later than 21.30 hours, reflective of delayed circadian rhythmicity.

    The subjects took 5 mg of melatonin orally, 5 h before DLMO during 3 months. Their responses to the checklist individual strength (CIS), a reliable questionnaire measuring the severity of personally experienced fatigue, were assessed twice with a 6-week interval immediately before the treatment and once after 3 months treatment.

    In the pre-treatment period the fatigue sub-score improved significantly. After treatment, the total CIS score and the sub-scores for fatigue, concentration, motivation and activity improved significantly. The sub-score fatigue normalized in two of the 29 subjects in the pre-treatment period and in eight of 27 subjects during treatment. This change was significant.

    In the subjects with DLMO later than 22.00 hours (n = 21) the total CIS score and the sub-scores for fatigue, concentration and activity improved significantly more than in the subjects (n = 8) with DLMO earlier than 22.00 hours. Melatonin supplementation may be an effective nutritional support for individuals with repetitive or continuing fatigue and late DLMO, especially in those with DLMO later than 22.00 hours.


    by Heukelom RO, Prins JB, Smits MG, Bleijenberg G.

    Eur J Neurol. 2006 Jan;13(1):55-60.
    Heukelom RO, Prins JB, Smits MG, Bleijenberg G.
    Department of Neurology, Sleep-Wake Disorders and Chronobiology, Hospital De Gelderse Vallei, Ede, The Netherlands

    PMID: 16420393 [PubMed - in process]

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    Hi, thanks for this, but I'm a little confused.

    Is the article saying that they took the melatonin 5 hours before they went to bed?

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    Is there anyone who can interpret for us?

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    Just a warning based on my peronal experience and also the experience of a friend (we both have fibro). We have tried melatonin for sleep (I tried it several times with months in between) and we had the same results: it was like taking rocket fuel. Sleep?? We were wired all night...Not what I'd use as a cure for fatigue. Of course, it's a hormone and my endocrine system is in poor shape so maybe this accounts for my reaction.
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    Most people take melatonin at night.

    However, this thing I read said that it was best to take a small dose (I don't remember what that was, but maybe the 5 mg. mentioned here is it), several HOURS before bedtime, even at midday.

    That is because that is when our melatonin levels, in those with sleep disorders are at their lowest levels, and my increasing it, our circadium rhythms are correcte more, allowing better sleep cycles.
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    I was about to take my first 3mg when I read this. I will now put off taking it and take it several hours prior to bedtime tomorrow. I know it works for jet lag.

    Any bad side effects or do not take with warnings???

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    As other responders have mentioned, I too have seen a link

    (possible one) between excess amts. of melatonin and poss.

    tumors. I believe I read about this on the medlineplus.

    gov website under Melatonin. As I take 2mg before bed,

    it is effective for me but recall a caution about them.

    Happy researching,
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    Mrdad - what time do you take the melatonin?

    I was taking mine at 8pm, but to be honest I've not noticed any benefit in the 4 months I've been on it. I've recently started taking it at 5pm to see if that helps.

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    Please note that I this morning sent a whole Post address-

    to you in your honor! It's on here somewhere. I know you

    will find it when you look.

    Happy hunting!
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    I did see it.

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    As I have said in another post, my experience is positive with melatonin and valerian together, about one to two hours before bedtime... I have recently added magnesium also. I've always had problems going to sleep, and then staying asleep. But this has been a significant help..