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    I spoke with Dr. Enlander yesterday. Here's what he said.

    1. Yes, hepatopressin is Argentine beef liver extract.
    2. Dr. Enlander knows there are some out there, Dr. Lapp, among them, who believe that an extract must be pig-derived to be effective. Dr. E said he is inclined to believe this is not the case.
    3. So far, according to Dr. E, the "initial findings have been positive."
    4. Why can't he freely distribute it? Because "we're using a substance that for which we don't have all the answers. Before I start making recommendations, I won't know all the side effects. After I have info, I will be publishing the findings."
    5. The name of the compounding pharmacy that makes this substance is "Hepapressin" of Illinois, or "Hepapressin of Illinois". On a personal note, I am unclear about why Dr. E seems to use the words hepapressin and hepatopressin interchangably. Did he mean "Hepatopressin"?

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    Thank you Paul for your research and post.
    How are YOU doing on it and how long have you been on it?
    May I share this information on another kuta discussion group? You did great detective work! Dove
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    Hi Again Paul, were there any other details about the specific name of the pharmacy? Thanks, Dove.
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    I read with interest your reply , Paul, about DR. E,s opinion.......I think we have to keep in mind, there are many CFS Docs out there, doing their best, to solve this problem......And there will be many different viewpoints.......
    From what i is not the fact that it needs to be pig- derived to be effective.....but that some Dr.s are being more cautious about a bovine derivative, which puts people at risk for "mad cow disease"....And want it looked into with more care.....
    I am very glad DR. E. is being cautious, and looking into it more re side effects, etc......
    From what I understand , the product is called Hepatopressin.......
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    You know, guys, I am personally confused about the difference between my doctors interchange of the terms of hepapressin and hepatopressin. At first I thought it was just me... but then he did it again. As far as getting more info (i.e. contact info, etc.), let me tell you I was being rather pushy that day getting the information I did. Initially, the nurses didn't want me to see him at all. There was a woman who fainted on the street (for whom I politely suggested to give her a candy bar) and a whole bunch of other people chomping at the bit. If someone can track down the contact info for this company (maybe through their contacts at NIH or whatever, please do so). Next time, I can ask for a phone number. Also, if anybody wants to copy this info, for the benefit of others please be my guest. We are all in this together, right?

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    Thank you so much!!
    I am going to post w/your name removed on the yahoo KU group.

    Please note Ku yahoo group info website info on co-cure, 9-12-03
    thanks again,
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    No, I don't know the exact name and address of the pharmacy. Sorry. Maybe I can find out next time when I am not so rushed. Also, I want to reemphasize that Dr. E believes that hepatopressin provides the same positive benefit as kutapressin, but he is doing his "due diligence."


    p.s. In the last few months, I've tried Transfer Factor, kutapressin, imunovir, hepatopressin, but the things I think have helped me most are magnesium and klonopin, especially magnesium. With magnesium, I'm getting this super-deep sleep. And I think others of you would be as high on magnesium if you were taking in a more bioavailable form. Magnesium pills down the gullet are largely not bioavailable, by the way. You have two choices: injection (as described by Cheney) and suppository (as described by some random Australian CFS journal). One of the hallmarks of FMS/CFIDS are imbalances in the NMDA and GABA systems. Magnesium along with Klonopin, taken properly, restores these balances, leads to deeper sleep, ultimately produces more human growth hormone. Soon I will make an effort at posting a more comprehensive explanation. All I am saying here and now (in a post that is supposed to be about hepatopressin) that I think I am on to something. More later!
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    Thanks paulalbert-I took your contact info off and emailed the Argentine extratc and Illinios info, and cautions, to Apothecure(compounding pharmacy), and a wholesaler to compounding pharmacies.

    When you speak w/Dr.Enlander, please thank him, and tell him that Schwarz patented KU for CFS-It's an active patent, but, Schwarz has stated to me in the past that Ku is not approved for CFS. Orginally, Ku was approved before 1962 when FDA regs/approval process changed. I can't seem to find out if Schwarz is able to patent an off patent biologic to retain patent status, and control of the market. So it is indicated and reimbursable by insurance for Herpes simplex, but it is patented for CFS. There's losts of pharma patent litigation going on right now, and new biologic patent regs pending.

    I'm still working on getting access to the formula. A congressional staffer is willing to "twist arms". even if Dr. enlander converts all of his KU patients to the beef liver extract, the KU formaula would still be helpful for comparison purposes, particularly since Dr. E mentioned publishing.