info about spinal tap and muscle biopsy??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rosesark, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. Rosesark

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    Hi everyone. Still in the testing circus and wanted to know how bad a spinal tap will be and also a muscle biopsy. We are trying to get the doc's to put me in the hospital to run all of the tests needed as we live out of town. The EMG was hell and i want to know if i should demand some sedation for a spinal tap. trying to hang in there. Rose
  2. Lendi

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    you had such a bad time with the EMG. I had one done last week and they will never do that to me again, especially in my hands. I do not know about the spinal tap, but I had a friend have it done 2 times. She said the first time she was lieing down, the 2nd time she sat up, hunched over a pillow. And, she said she's not planning on anymore but if it were to happen she would request sitting up. Hope that might help and that the tests give you a conclusive answer so you can get on with life. The circus of testing just seems to put it on hold.
    Hugs, Lendi
  3. Carlacat

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    on my left leg and it showed nothing. Its something that I wouldnt do unless I had to. Where are they doing yours? The worst part of the whole thing is when they put the needle in there to numb the area..that hurt like h$%#. I was awake the whole time and the nurse kept trying to talk to me but i could feel him cutting down there on my didnt hurt cause it was numb but it was a werid feeling. I also felt the tugging when he sewed me up and I couldnt walk very good for a week cause it hurt. I think having fibro made it worse with the muscles down there, I have a scar and a sunken in place on my leg when he cut the muscle out. Their saying I may have to have another done on my arm but they will put me out this time. Dont want to scare ya but be prepared for the worst and it may not bother you like it did me. Good Luck...
  4. woppini

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    I had one. It was in the first stages of cfs, and they wanted to check for MS. Its not really fun, and your back may hurt a bit. I was laying in a fetal position when they did mine. I guess it just freaks me out knowing if they miss, and hit a nerve, thats it, game over