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    I was on one of my favorite websites, and they had an article called "100 Ways To Stay Healthy".
    I know that all foods are OK with Guai, except for mint, because it is so high in Salycilates. After reading this, you may want to add a few more!
    I am wondering if my failure to get results with high doses of Guai over a ten month period is due to the fact that I eat 1/2 cup of berries on my morning oatmeal every day.
    Here is the quote from #87 on the list: "Eat fresh berries. Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are all loaded with salicylic acid -- the same heart-disease fighter found in aspirin".

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    ....before I leave to make dinner. Klutzo
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    I also read about eating concentrates of certain plants and herbs but eating the actual plant or herb the body was abel to handle, I hope th amount of salicylate something in the berries is ok.In his book What Your Doctor may not tell you about fibrmalgia he lists PLUM, RASPBERRIES, AND STRAWBERRIES. yIPPE love Nancyb16
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    Have you had any problems with your hair falling out from the GUAI???
    I tried to quit taking GUAI because of my hair falling out and plus I didn't think it was helping.
    I was really suprised-the pain was unbearable after a week without the medicine. I will never try that again. Hair loss is nothing compared to the fibro pain!!
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    My hair has been falling out ever since I got fibro, and it did not get any worse while on Guai. One of the ways I knew I did not just have a bad case of flu like I thought at first when I got fibro, was that there was hair all over my pillow every morning when I woke up, and every time I took a shower and washed my hair the drain would clog and I'd be standing in water up to my ankles.
    It is now 18 yrs. later, and my hair no longer falls on the pillow, but I still have the problem in the shower....I even have to use a twisted coat hanger to get rid of the clogs of hair that get past the drain catch. I had hoped it would stop when I went on thyroid medicine three months ago, but so far there is no change in the hair loss. Hair loss is so common with fibro that I would not necessarily connect it with the Guai.
    I would get my thyroid checked out however, if I were someone who knows about the new normal range settings for thyroid....most docs don't.
    I've read the number one reason for hair loss in females is in six females have the baldness gene, just like one in three men do, but it does not cause nearly as much hair loss in females. The typical pattern for a woman with the baldness gene is for most or all of the hair loss to be in a semicircle shape at the top front of the head. That is where all my hair loss is coming from, and the men on one side of my family are all bald, but the fact that it started when I got fibro makes me suspicious that it is not just heredity. The number two reason for hair loss in females is hypothyroidism,and thanks to the drastic change recently in what constitutes a normal thyroid test, I now know I have needed thyroid for a long, long time.
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    Have had fibro 20 years and no hair loss. Have been on
    guai about 6 months and have started notice hair in sink, brush, etc where I hadn't before. Had been wondering what to attribute this to (age???????). Any way will experiment
    and see.
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    Dry hair which breaks and falls out is one of the symptoms of hypothyrodism. It woudn't hurt to have it checked and even take the smallest dose of thyroid to see if it helps. I did and my symptoms improved dramatically and my labs improved even though they were normal to begin with. Lab tests don't tell the whole story. Lucky for me my doc treats the patient and symptoms and not just the lab numbers.

    BTW, I've been on the Guai for two years and my hair is thicker and healthier than ever. It may just be coincidental that your hair problems started with the Guai. If you write to Claudia at Dr. St. A's website, she will answer your questions about Guai and hair.

    Love, Mikie
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    notice this and think about it. Another puzzle.
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    I was wondering why we can't buy pure bromelain from this website (for convenience). The two they offer (I think, getting tired) have various enzymes and sources in them and people may not be able to take them. You have asked before what product people want to buy. ( I haven't missed this in catalogue, have I?).
  11. Mikie

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    I noticed this also. Why not use the link below to ask them to produce a pure bromelain so that everyone, including people on the Guai treatment, can use it?

    Love, Mikie
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    Ok, Mikie, I'll do that!!!!!
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    I will have my thyroid checked. And I will stay on the Guai.
    Have you ever stopped taking your Guai. to see if symptoms get worse?? I am a true believer that this medicine helps after having stopped for a week-I had large sore lumps coming up all over.
    Thanks again for the advice-people like you make this board a success!!
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    I've been tossing around the idea of guaifenesin therapy. A doctor just prescribed it to me without info. I did'nt fill the precription however after visiting Dr. teitelbaum's website I got from here. He answers a patients question on his thoughts of this treatment in his opinion the success rate is low and says about 4 months of more extreme pain to the patient he feels other therapies are more appropriate. something like that. anyway, a book I've had a long time but did'nt recall this chapter til yesterday (true fibro!!}
    Fibromyalgia &Myofascial Syndrome A Survival Manual. Features in chapter 23 Dr. Amand's approach he states that this is not a simple treatment. "Doctors can't just prescribe the medication and expect remission. Oops I'm refering to the book right now . He goes on to say that he begins treatment by taking careful medical history of the patient,maps out nodules ect. Also if you have reactive hypoglycemia (i believe i have} You MUST be on the Zone diet. Chapter 24 covers those guidelines. The whole thing really makes sense to detoxify and all I'm probably just chicken!! I don't want anymore pain. Please respond to this info and let me know what page your on . O.K.:)
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    This is a question I just haven't gotten around to asking yet. I wanted to know if everyone was referring to hair loss that left you with thin hair or balding spots or just excessive shedding? I tell people I shed worse than all the dogs & cats put together. It's not on my pillow, but it clogs the shower drain and my comb is full every time I use it.

    However, I have the thickest hair any hairdresser has ever seen - I wish some of it would stay out! It's unbearably hot.

    Regarding Guai, I was all gung-ho to try it until I looked into it further. The Sals problem was just too great. Not the eating, the touching. I live in the country, and my dogs roll each other around in the grass all the time. I love to walk in the woods, pick wildflowers. You can wear gloves for somethings, but not 24/7.

    By the way, Klutzo, I originally joined a Guaifenesin message board to get info and some of the people stuck with the Protocol for several years before they saw any benefit, but now it's working great for them.

  16. Mikie

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    I was attracted to the treatment because it is the only one which offers the possibility of reversing the FMS symptoms. It took about a year for it to have worked to the point that I was able to completely stop taking Morphine for pain; however, I had been cutting way down on the Morphine use during that time. I almost immediately had my Fibro Fog lift when I started the protocol.

    I've been on the Guai for two years now and am up to 2400 mgs. because I want to speed up the process. I'm probably 80 percent reversed and yes, if I stop taking the Guai, the pain comes back with a vengeance.

    We all have a difference tolerance for sals. If having outside dogs were the only problem, I would definitely try the Guai. That amount of sals may not be a problem at all. Some can tolerate almost no sals, some can tolerate a lot of sals, and most of us will eventually block at a certain level of sals. I can use a little sunscreen with the sals. Occasional exposure to sals will also not hurt the treatment. It only blocks for 24 hrs. It's really usually the concentrated supplements and lotions with botanicals which will block.

    Soaps and shampoos get rinsed out and are not of much concern. I use whatever shampoo, conditioner, and soap I want with no problems, but I am very careful with deodorant and lotions. I also use children's fruity flavored toothpaste. I used Listerine in my Water Pik now and then for my gums and it probably blocks for 24 hrs. It takes a couple of days for the pain to set in if I either stop taking the Guai or it gets blocked.

    I highly recommend this treatment, but I do know that there have been people for whom it has not worked. My feeling is, what have you got to lose? The Guai is cheap, the diet is healthy, and it's not that big of a deal as it first seems to become sal free. If I hadn't tried the Guai, the two years would have still elapsed, and I would still be bedridden a good part of the time and on Morphine for pain.

    Those who know me know that I also have CFIDS with chronic stealth mycoplasma infection and a reactivated Herpes-family virus. I'm working on these problems and my CFIDS is getting better. Antibiotic treatment is a slow process, so this too will take time. I've been on the Doxycycline for two years and am now pulsing off for as long as I can without my symptoms' returning.

    Love, Mikie