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    I mentioned I was stopping by the learning assistance centre this week. I talked to Sheila about helping students with CFS/ME. She didn't feel like she had a lot of advice to offer.

    She has had CFS/ME students registered at the centre before and she accomodates them based on their Dr.'s reccomendations.

    They have disabilities broken into categories and CFS fits under "Students with Chronic Medical Conditions"

    Suggested accomodations in this category include:

    -tape recording of messages
    -Extra time for assignments (approved by professor)
    -separate room or small group setting for tests/exams
    -easy/regular accesss to washroom facilities
    -only one test/exam per day
    -use of computer and adaptive technology for tests/exams
    -permisssion to bring food/drinks into tests/exames
    -permission to take medication while writing tests/exams
    -student to take breaks as needed during tests/exams
    -extra time for tests/exams.

    My Dr. indicatated several accomodations from this list which can then be implemented

    I know this probably isn't too helpful, but I thought I'd get back to you anyways on the info she gave me.

    Take care,
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