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    I got this from LymeInfo@yahoogroups:
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    Dr. Carol Ann Ryser to Hold Spring 2009 Conference in KC

    Lyme and Chronic Illness:
    New Tools to Promote Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment

    Date: March 27 & 28, 2009

    Lyme disease is one the most misunderstood diseases of modern medicine.

    Lyme disease is not a "stand alone disease".
    Lyme disease is a multi-systemic disease that affects all systems of the body.

    It is best understood as a tick-borne syndrome, a myriad of diseases including
    Borreliosis, Babesia, Bartonella, Rocky Mountain Fever, and many other
    diseases. In order to properly diagnose and treat Lyme Borreliosis
    disease, the physician must consider chronic illness as a whole and how
    the Borreliosis spirochete interacts with, influences and acerbates (exacerbates?)
    other chronic medical conditions.

    Successful treatment of Lyme disease must encompass all body systems affected. In this workshop, participants will gain a better understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of
    tick-borne diseases in conjunction with chronic illness as a whole.

    • Carol Ann Ryser MD, Chronic Illness specialist, speaking on Chronic
    Illness and the Diagnosis/Treatment of Tick-Borne diseases.

    • Steven Fry MD, of Fry Lab and developer of specialized testing for
    tick borne diseases speaking on co-factors affecting tick-borne diseases
    and new lab developments.

    • Reginald Dussing MD of Kansas University Medical Center specializing
    in SPECT Scan testing speaking on how the SPECT Scan can help provide a
    diagnostic tool.

    • David Berg MA of HEMEX Lab and researcher on Hypercoagulation defect
    speaking on the mechanism of coagulation/inflammation and chronic illness.

    • Joseph Brewer MD, Kansas City Infectious Disease physician, researcher
    in transfer factors for infectious diseases, speaking on infectious
    disease treatment options.

    Times: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm each day.

    Place: Marriott Hotel, 45th and Main in Kansas City, Missouri, just
    north of the Plaza (816-531-3000)

    Cost: $300 prior to March 15 and $350 at the door.

    Conference Reservations: Contact Michael at Health Centers of America KC
    LLC Phone: 816-763-9165; Fax: 816-763-9208; or email:

    This activity is jointly sponsored by Health Centers of America KC,
    Researched Nutritionals in California and Wellness Pharmacy in
    Birmingham, AL.

    Continuing Medical Education Credit available only for Category II

    For a printable handout, email Kathy White:
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    Thanks for the info victoria.

    I have to think they probably present the IDSA treatment guidelines though, and not the ILADS....??
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    They actually don't. The give-away just from the write-up is the use of transfer factor. I don't have 1st or 2nd hand experience concerning the use of that, tho. (I keep forgetting about it, am going to see if my son will try it.)

    I know that Dr Ryser uses Burrascano's guidelines, tho I'm not sure about what I read re her 'success' rate in 'curing' it. She apparently is very expensive, saw huge fees mentioned online on other boards.

    But, who knows what info they may have that they will share. I figure everything is worthwhile to at least look at.

    all the best,