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    Fibromyalgia and the Pain of Arthritis

    Chronic pain poses numerous challenges for those who suffer from
    it. Many with arthritis and fibromyalgia pain must learn how to
    make lifestyle adjustments and deal with the flare-ups that
    often push back plans and cause mood swings. Fibromyalgia,
    considered one of 100 forms of arthritis, is often misdiagnosed
    because it is similar to so many illnesses.

    The most common form of arthritis, often mistaken for
    fibromyalgia, is rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis,
    which is predominately found in women, affects the joints and
    the muscles. With rheumatoid arthritis, like fibromyalgia pain,
    patients find even simple tasks, such as going for a stroll,
    difficult. As the illness, for which there is no cure,
    progresses, the patient's joints become deformed.

    While rheumatoid arthritis, unlike fibromyalgia pain, consists
    of an inflammation of the joints, the exact cause of this
    often-debilitating illness is a much-debated subject. Some
    believe that the onset of rheumatoid arthritis is a direct
    result of an infection or some type of virus while others in the
    medical community believe rheumatoid arthritis is caused by a

    There are some segments of the population that are more at risk
    of rheumatoid arthritis, including women, long-time smokers,
    those who are getting older (however, cases in those in their
    80s is much less), and having inherited certain genes.
    Unfortunately, rheumatoid arthritis, much like fibromyalgia
    pain, cannot be avoided, although treatment can provide a relief
    of symptoms.


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