info on children w/ fm?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sharie, May 29, 2003.

  1. sharie

    sharie New Member

    I am hoping someone can direct me to a place that I can find information on children with fm. I have a (almost) 5 year old and we are off to the dr. in an hour.

    I think she has an urinary tract infection, and she is always complaining about headaches, stomach aches etc.

    I just need to be pointed to the right direction so I can read whatever is out there. Also, has anyone had their child diagnosed with this dd?

    Thanks so much,
  2. sharie

    sharie New Member

    I will look into the arthritis site.

    I am still uncertain as to if she has an infection. There were some white blood cells, so I have to wait 72 hours for the culture to come back. Of course she also has a cold, she's in preschool and they pass everything to each other.

    I don't know if I think she has fm, some slight things make me question. I just want to read up so I would know what to look for. There is a ped. in my town who happens to have fm himself so I may switch my kids to him. Thanks agian,

  3. allhart

    allhart New Member

    do a web seach for the pediatric network they have info on fm and cfs in children
  4. TNhayley

    TNhayley New Member

    Even if you do not believe, want to do or whatever, his theory/protocol ... his experiences and symptom history is very valuable, IMHO. He says it will be the mothers that DX their children. I hav'ta agree there. If you have a good fms friendly doc in your near vacinity I would definitely go there with your suspicions! Frequent UTI's or UTI like symptoms can be a symptom of pediatric fibro ... along with a myriad of other SXs. Best wishes and please keep us posted about your daughter,
  5. TNhayley

    TNhayley New Member

    Yeah, I have heard that before about molestation and fms in children. I think the UTIs (especially when there is NOT an infection) and gastro problems, etc ... started to create that myth ... St. Amand even mentioned that in his book. Sad, huh.

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