info on costocondroitis please

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  1. kat0465

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    ok, i know thier have been lots of posts on costo, but im still kinda in the dark about the pain.
    At my last dr. appt i told her my chest bone is so painful i can hardly touch it and the whole rib area, she just said yes thats probably costo, but does the costo hurt all the way thru to your back??? this by far has been my worst pain here lately, i dont see doc again till october, and she didnt give me a thing for the pain, and i guess its my fault for not pushing the pain thing, b ut i feel like they will look at me like im just shopping for pain meds, although i have been to her for years.she has never really given me anything but neurontin for my pain & Xanax for the anxiety & panic attacks.i had been on neurontin again but after 3 months and 15 lbs later, it wasent working for me this time so i got off of it. she didnt offer much at the last does anybody out there have any natural things they do for costo pain?? ill try anything at this point!! thanks.
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    sorry you're dealing with costro. im dealing with it too as we speak!!! its horrible, luckily this time mines not as bad as the first time i got it.. which was unbearable, but when i went to the ER that time they just prescribed me a high dosage of ibuprofen, so you can really just use that. im pretty sure i took two or three (or maybe more) at once, a few times a day, which really calmed it down. Also, try fish oil if you can, which is good for inflammation. I started taking that two days ago and I do feel a little better already. A heating pad is good to use as well.
  3. Mikie

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    Not everyone wants steroid injections, and I don't either, but when the costo pain is staggering, the area is too inflamed to touch, and I cannot sleep from the pain, it becomes an acceptable alternative to me. And, yes, the pain shoots out the back as well as hurting in the front. It can travel down the arm as well.

    A good orthopedist or sports medicine doc (possibly a physiatrist) can find the spot between the ribs where the injection will get rid of the inflammation. I wouldn't trust this to a doc who hasn't done it before. It can be quite painful probing to find the spot and it can take a day or so for the inflammation to go away.

    When I lived in CO, every winter between Jan. and Mar., I had horrible bronchial problems and would develop costo. One injection would carry me through til the next year. I've only had it done once since moving to FL.

    Good luck. It isn't good for the body to continue with this much inflammation.

    Love, Mikie
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    thanks a bunch for the info, i was thinking the pain in the back wasent related, but now i know it can be. i will be having some heart tests run in october as i have a bum valve. BUT i will definately be asking about the shots, i too dont like them, but hey it cant be much worse than the terrible pain every day, Ibuprophen & hot showers barely put a dent in it.i think i'd rather get a root canal than have costo,lol!!!
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    When I was in high school I was rushed to the ER because I almost passed out during a cross country race. After 8 million different heart related tests, I was diagnosed with Costo. I, too was given high doses of IBU to help with the pain and inflammation. Other tips that were given and seem to help were to try not to raise my arms above my head bc this would pull on the cartialidge (SP?), and not to drink caffeine (not sure why, but it did seem to be a trigger). I was also sent to a chirporactor, who would use this little hammer-like thing on my ribs to pound them back in place or something like that. It was very painful, but after doing this multiple times a week for several months, it did seem to help. They also gave me a brace that was almost like the starps of a backpack that helped keep my shoulders pulled back. They said that slouching-like leaning over a desk, or leaning forward to drive-would aggrivate it. The other advice that they gave me was to try not to lift anything over 10-15 pounds, as this seemed to set it off with people as well. I hope that some of this helps you, and that you get to feeling better soon! I know it is SO painful! I don't get as many flare ups of it as I used to , but when it does happen I know I feel like I'm dying! Feel better! If you have any other questions, I'll be checking back with this post and will try to help!
  6. Mikie

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    And she manipulates the ribs to fix the costo. It seems to work but she does have to have it done each time it flares up.

    I would think inflammation would not be good for anyone with a heart condition, but then...I'm not a medical professional.

    Again, good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    jdoegen,everything you mentioned that sets off costo i do!! no wonder im aggravating it!! from the overhead thing to the lifting & pulling on things.i cleaned beach cabins in the heat of summer, beings that Hurricane Ike took all the cabins i cleaned, maybe my pain will get better. a Heck of a way to get Laid off huh!! but it's the only good thing that came out of it all, i have to quit working now, which i should have done long ago!!
    ANd Mikie, your probably Right. Inflammation that close to a heart valve can't be good, thats whats got me so concerned.Like we need somthing elso to worry about. Can't breath without a ticker huh!! lol. thanks to all of you for responding, it's been really helpful & eased my mind a bit {{Hugs}} Kat