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  1. AlaSnoopy

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    Does anyone have any experience with Dr. Heffez from Chicago? If so I would like to know:

    1. What where your symptoms?

    2. What did he do for you?

    3. How long has it been now?

    4. How are you now?

    5. Anything else you would like to add?

    I am going to see him in a few weeks and this is kind of like my last resort! I am really scared! I appreciate any help you can give me! Thanks for your time!
  2. TNhayley

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    but I have a question to add for anyone that might be able to answer yours ... has anyone seen Dr. Mercola (who is near Chicago I think)? I've visited his site many times and wonder if anyone has had firsthand experience or has been helped by him. Thanks, and hope you don't mind me tagging my question to yours. :)
  3. AlaSnoopy

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    TNhayley its problem, we are all here to get help! But I would still like some input if anyone on the board has ever seen Dr. Heffez. But I get the feeling if you had, you wouldn't still be on the board. But thanks for trying! :)

  4. TNhayley

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    I looked Dr. Heffez up and he seems highly credentialed. Has he a reputation for helping people with fms/cfids? Are you looking into some sort of surgery? Let us know how your appointment goes, what he says/does etc. Good luck!
  5. sapphire

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    I'm here as we speak. I have an appointment today to get some MRI's done and then tomorrow I will see Dr. Heffez. We drove 6 hours to see him and I hope it is worth it.

    I have CFS, FMS, herniated discs, spinal stenosis and POTS. I saw a specialist for POTS(Dr. Grubb) in Toledo and he recommened Dr. Heffez. Heffez is doing research in the connection with stenosis and Fibro. I do believe all my problems stem from my neck. I will find out more tomorrow.

    I will be seeing 4 different Drs here. That's what Heffez does. He sends you to a Rheumy, Neurologist and I forgot the other one. Of course, he is a Neurosurgeon.(sounds scary)

    I sent my MRI's that I had done at home to Dr. Heffez. He looked at them and sent me a letter. He wants to rule out chiari. I've thought I had this for a long time so now I will finally know. I already knew about the stenosis and discs. I figure he will want to do surgery for the stenosis as it can be a cause of POTS which is making my life miserable right now.

    Sorry this is so long. I'm sure you already knew about his research but I wanted to let others know. I think that is great. We need more research being done. I will post again after my appt. tomorrow.

    Take care,