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  1. ourlife

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    I have been diagnosed with Fibro/CFS about 6 months ago. Here lately i have felt pretty good...still have pain but nothing near what it used to be or the fatigue. HOw often do some of you have flares and how can i tell if i'm having one?
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    Hi, I was diagnosed with Fibor last May. I don't know how often flares occur, but I know I'm in the middle of one now (really for the past couple of weeks) because the "old" aches and pains have returned. I'm talking about the ones I used to feel before I was diagnosed and doubled my Cymbalta dosage. So, I don't know how often flare-ups occur. I have been under more stress lately, also, so maybe that has something to do with it??

  3. wendysj

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    I'm sorry you have been diagnosed with this dd. It's not easy.

    I think flares come and go differently for most of us. I think it's important to stay active (excercise, yoga, etc.) and keep our minds working. I had 6 months of complete remission once and it was wonderful. (It came after my hysterectomy - I had three weeks of pure rest and presto, I felt good again.) It was wonderful while it lasted.

    I can go three to four weeks feeling pretty good. During that time I've notice I stick to my schedule very strictly. When I flare is after about three weeks of feeling good, I start to act like my old self before this dd. Then, my body reminds me for about a good week or week and half that it needs the strict schedule. :)

    Even during the flares I am able to work with the help of medication... It's tough and the severe fatigue that comes with it is indescribable.

    Good luck...

  4. ourlife

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    thanks so much. I was in terrible pain and the fatigue was crazy when i was diagnosed. That lasted a few weeks and now i have been feeling pretty good for about a month. I still have some pain but it's tolerable without taking all of my meds. I'm not as tired although people tell me how tired i look all the time. so i guess i'll know when I start to flare. This is the craziest disease...i never know how i'm goign to feel from one day to the next so it's hard to plan anything. today i am having more pain in my arms and stomach than normal so i hope that's not a flare coming on. My husband will never understand...he thinks i'm all better.
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    when you are having a bad flare up, you WILL know.
    for me it's like someone beat the daylights outta me and I havent slept for a week.
    some days it even hurts to bend my fingers.