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  1. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    can anyone Give me some info on Iodine supplementation??i just bought some and was wondering what they symptoms of Iodine deficiency were & how much should we be taking. Someone on here posted they use it for pain, does it help with Pain?? even tho my thyroid tests come back normal i have a sneaking suspicion that its not ok, thats where i thought the iodine would be helpful.
  2. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    Thanks ya'll for all the great info, i too will be supplementing my Iodine. I just got my Bottle of Atomadine in a couple days ago, it's got 600 mcg a drop so i was thinkin bout trying a couple drops a day for a couple weeks & see what happens.theres no way we get enough in out everyday diets, and i have used reg table salt for years, the one without Iodine.Guess it cant hurt to try it.
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  3. AndrewB

    AndrewB New Member

    <a href=""></a>
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  4. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    First, Andrew, thanks for posting that video - it reminded me of the old film, The Third Man, in post-war Berlin, where someone was diluting penicillin to make a buck and of course people died because of it. Mind-blowing is the right word.

    A few weeks ago I did a couple of posts re iodine, with links to a number of articles, which have a lot of info about dosage, etc. so if anyone wants more info, do a search for iodine on the board.

    Also, deficiency symptoms aren't limited to thyroid problems. Deficiency affects the immune system and just the whole body in general. Iodine deficiency is linked to breast cancer and fibrocystic breasts.

    The U.S. RDA is 150 mcg., which is roughly a little more than 1/100 of the average daily intake of the Japanese, who have one of the lowest, if not the lowest, rates of breast cancer in the world.

    Lugol's has two forms of iodine, similar to Iodoral, and I think the other product mentioned (Iosol? I don't have it in front of me) only has one form. If you read the articles you'll find out why the two forms are recommended by some, and a search for the other product will tell you why others recommend only taking the one form of iodine.

    I can't recommend which one to take, but my doctor has me taking Lugol's.

    Also, it can cause detox symptoms (of course!) so go slowly. Read the articles to find out what they are. There's just too much information.

  5. AndrewB

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    MY opinion on the best forms of iodine are the potassium-free forms offered by Standard Process (Prolamine) and Phil's Detoxified Iodine at iodinesource dot com When you take potassium-free iodine, it seeks out the potassium in your body and regulates it.

    I will not debate anyone over this (forms of iodine), so this is just my well researched two cents.

    Good luck
  6. slevah

    slevah New Member

    here's one opinion on why they removed iodine from bread :)
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  7. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    am i Mistaken, or did someone on here say they rubbed it on thier inner arm??? It sure isnt the most pleasant Tasting thing!!! even just a couple drops in water. Can u put it in juice or someting when you take it? or does it have to be water?? if i have to do the water thing i will, but rubbing it on the skin sounds even better, since u miss the first pass thru the liver thing, i take so many supplements and meds, my liver is probably crying,lol.
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  8. AndrewB

    AndrewB New Member

    Hey Kelly,

    I've never heard of any problems with taking iodine in vinegar. Yeah, just wait and take Vit C an hour apart from your iodine, but it's probably not that important...

    And the people who usually "paint" themselves with iodine usually use Lugols. It's pretty cheap stuff to buy anyway. So some may evaporate...

    You're going to love Detoxified - it's the best thing you could ever put in your body. And it actually tastes GOOD in water. lol

    Good luck
  9. AndrewB

    AndrewB New Member

    Yeah, $20 a bottle is the going rate... If your friends and/or family get on it, you can get six bottle for $64.50 shipped ($10.75 a bottle). Or just buy six bottles for yourself if you like - Detoxified will stay fresh for at least four years.

    If you can buy Prolamine in your city, I'd do that.

    Good luck
  10. AndrewB

    AndrewB New Member

    Don't forget to take selenium (Brazil nuts) or selenomethionine in supplement form. I would recommend Brazil nuts though...

    The thyroid need BOTH of these minerals to function properly.

    Good luck!
  11. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi All,

    I just ran across this old <a href="">1914 letter to the editor submitted to and published by the NY Times</a>. It seems to suggest that iodine can chemically alter mercury (create mercury iodide) so that it can be eliminated from the body. I'm not a chemist, so my take on it may not be accurate. Would love to hear back from anybody who might be able to decipher this article.

    Regards, Wayne
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  12. AndrewB

    AndrewB New Member


    While I can't decipher this article for you, I can give you some first hand experience on using iodine. My body started being MUCH more efficient at removing metals in october or november when I started taking iodine. I used to have to drink a BUNCH of chlorella with the program I'm on (<a href="">CLICK HERE</a> for detaiis) to bind the metals, but with the iodine, I cut my chlorella consumption down by at least half. Chlorella is expensive!

    The kidneys need Iodine, so I think it made my kidneys more efficient at removing metals.

  13. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Sorry for not responding to your post sooner, I haven't been around much. It would be fine to list the articles from my earlier post. Actually I just did it below, and also added a new one, which is excellent.

    It can cause detox. It's made me very tired and achy, and moody (just what I need!), when I've taken around 5 or 6 drops of Lugol's. I was fighting a bug so wanted more iodine to help, but then of course it makes me detox so have to back off for a day or 2.

    An epsom salt bath helped. I was so achy and tired this morning, and took an epsom salt bath, and feel better. This was recommended to me by Tony at The Breath of Life where I bought my Lugol's on-line.

    Someone else here reported a metallic taste and that's listed as one of the detox symptoms too.

    Best wishes,

  14. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Who is doing your SCIO treatment? I just read a little bit about it and it looks interesting. Actually, it sounds similar to something I had done by a homeopathic practitioner, quantum biofeedback. I had one treatment on the machine - walked in feeling sick as I was fighting a bug (as always) - and walked out feeling a lot better. But the effect was only temporary.

    Unfortunately it costs around $100 a treatment so couldn't keep it up.

    I too am excited about the iodine. I just wish there wasn't the detox to go through first!

  15. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    It's very interesting to hear about your experience with SCIO. The lady who did the quantum biofeedback for me is in Lancaster, California (where I live). It's just too expensive for me. Also, we seemed to have a personality conflict, I'm not really sure what was going on, but there was some friction. But .... if I had the money, I probably would have pursued it some more.

    It was very interesting the one time I was on the machine -what it came up with matched pretty closely with my symptoms and what I had already discovered. And it did help me that one time, but again, it was just temporary.

    If my situation changes, I may look into it again.

    It's nice to hear that it did help you. I also use muscle testing (on my own and with a chiropractor) which has helped me a lot in determining what's going on and what supplements will help me. But nothing has gotten to the root of CFIDS. I keep thinking there is one cause which is responsible for post-exertional malaise, immune dysfunction, adrenal and thyroid weakness, etc. I guess that is the $64,000 question we all want answered.

    Take care --


  16. tgeewiz

    tgeewiz Member

    I tried it a few years back.

    It did nothing but give me a stomach ache and cost me around $45.00.


  17. AndrewB

    AndrewB New Member

    My stomach has been aching for the last two weeks and I've been on iodine since at least November. I'm killing something pretty damn big down there... No pain, no gain!

    Who pays $45 for iodine?

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I have chronic lower back pain since working on my feet. I usually put a magnetic strip in the waistband on my pants and it stops the pain. I forgot the strip today and mentioned to a customer that my back hurt. Her mother was a nurse but also a natural healer. She recommended painting the area with iodine to relieve the pain. My customer swore it worked. I'm going to try it.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Actually, the magnets really do help. There are five, each about the size of a quarter, sewn into a cloth strip with velcro on the outer side. I have five strips which can be configured, using the velcro. I just forgot to put the strip on yesterday. Still, I want to try the iodine too. I hope something can help your back.

    Love, Mikie
  20. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    Jam, i tried the Atomidine, i put one drop in a glass of water. but i had a wierd reaction, my lips and inside of my mouth felt like they were irritated. it was a funny burning sensation.i guess it's too strong, im scared to try it again. if i get up enough nerve, i'll have to dilute it even more i guess.the Atomidineis 600 mcg.
    Let us know how it goes for ya
    Take care,Kat

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