Info on mercury: health issues, where it is in our homes

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BethM, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. BethM

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    The National Wildlife Federation website has a great article on mercury. The article covers where it is found in our homes, the problems it causes, and how to dispose of it without hurting yourself or others, or the environment. The article was far too long to copy and paste, but it is available at their website. Just type in the name and click search, and it should come up. (Edited to remove URL)

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    It is SO important that we educate ourselves on this issue. Last year I replaced an old thermostat in my house... I saw the little bulb of mercury, and didn't think anything of it as I thru it in the garbage.. It now pollutes a local landfill.

    Why aren't we being told about this??? Quietly things are being done...but other than an occasional fish advisory...mum is the word....
    Thanks for the site.....DJ

  3. BethM

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    The National Wildlife Federation is a good organization. I have my backyard registered with them as an official backyard wildlife habitat. Irritates the neighbors that we won't grade the 'back 40' (the area outside the backyard fence) down to bare dirt like they do. Hey! We have critters living there, and they need their homes and food supplies, just like we do.

    I believe there is an environmental component to developing many chronic illnesses, and figure this is my opportunity to do a little something for our world.