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    Myofascia can tighten that whole region. Many doctors believe that pain and muscle affects can't do cross body stuff. Because Myofascia crosses the body as a net weaving in and out, it can go from the shoulder, to the head and what I have found out is affect our sinuses.
    My major pain started in the shoulder region, by accident I noticed if my back wing, shoulder, neck was massaged,but especially on the bottom of my wing closest to my spine that when that myofascial point was worked on my sinuses would start to clear and I got post nasal drip.
    Since then I have often been able to help relieve the pain in my shoulder by dealing with my allergies and sinuses, and the same in return.
    I had a myofascial massage therapist and was able to make great strides finally being able to follow the connection between the two. Doctors do not validate this or believe, but many may find it works for them . It only takes a minute to ask a friend to gently manipulate the Myofascial Trigger Points on the top quadrant of your back and you may be surprised to find it works for you. It starts off as loosening in the sinuses and quite often a feeling of post nasal drip. Good luck.
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    I'll try it.......
    Can that be massaged myself using a tennis ball?against a wall. I'm reading on trigger therapy but have'nt tried anything yet untill I finish the book.I guess I don't feel confident enough in myself to begin. but I will! take care :)
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    Tandy, I do use the tennis ball, but like it when I can get someone else to do it. I have started using the tennis balls on straps that you can find in the Dog toy aisle. It might be the lazy way, but you can sit and hold the strap and have a little more control. Good luck with the sinuses and the shoulder pain, seems some of us are wired for sound and constantly finding what makes us tic!