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    I talked with a lady tonite who last fall was in horrible pain + looked pale,eyes dull well-----a new woman. She is full timing in a motor home, feels good, looks wonderful and is feeling good. So happy for her.!! She has Parkinson disease, diabetes, fibro.and other problems but her pain is fully under control. She was on oxycontine,oxycodone (sp) etc. Now only the patch. It is changed every three days and has changed her life. I am so anxious to find out what it is. Anyone know what it could be? I am in a daze all the time, sit down + am asleep, balance way off, dizzy at times. I see her and I know there is something better.My pain specialist is not pliable as far as meds. are concerned but I would chance it if I could find out what it is.Can anyone help me?
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    The patch you are referring to might be the Fentanyl patch-also known as Duragesic. I have also heard good things about it.
  3. Fibromiester

    Fibromiester New Member called "Lidoderm"(lidocaine patch, 5%). I can use the whole patch, or cut it in 1/2- wherever I need it. It is rather expensive, but it works temporarily for me! Just ask your Dr. for an Rx..............Fibromiester.......Hope you feel better!
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    Lidoderm, I use that. It can be changed every 12 hours.
    The Fentanyl patch *is* what she's talking about and it stays in place x72 hours and it is a opiod pain medication with good results from most of my patients. Your MD may or may not be willing to prescribe this, as it is commonly used for quite severe pain. I *have* used them with good effect, but I prefer the Oxycontin that I take routinely and PRN.
    Hope this helps.