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    Now, before I get started, this post is not in any way meant to ruffle any feathers or start a heated discussion on Stephen Barrett, this is just some info that was sent to me by the New Medical Awareness site, and I thought I'd pass it along.

    For anyone not familiar with Stephen Barrett, he was the founder of the Quackwatch site, and has been instrumental in putting a lot of small herb and vitamin stores and chiropractors out of business years ago with his lawsuits (and where he gets the money to fund all these lawsuits is my question) But anyway, now there are organizations that are watching Dr. Barrett.

    But to get back to the info I'm about to post, and the only reason I'm doing this, is this topic came up in a post that Shelbo posted a while back in regard to NAET treatments, and Shelbo had found the same info in regards to NAET on the Quackwatch site that I had seen four years ago, after I had already started my NAET treatments, and had I seen the info by Barrett before undergoing the NAET, I probably would not have undergone those treatments. I had tremendous success from the NAET treatments, and I feel they literally saved my life, so that is my reasoning for posting this info, as I personally think that the info that the Quackwatch site provides to the public is a double edged sword, and if one would only look into Stephen Barrett's credentials, I think one could reasonably not put a lot of stock into what he prints, and if the info I'm about to post helps one person who is sitting on the fence thinking about taking a more alternative approach to their health care, then my time will not have been wasted in posting this material.

    Henceforth the material that was sent to me, in brevity form:

    "Quackwatch Founder Stephen Barrett Loses Major Defamation Trial in Hometown"

    Date: October 13, 2005, Location, Allentown, PA,
    Court Case: Stephen Barrett, MD vs. Tedd Koren, DC and Koren Publications, Inc, Court of Common Pleas of Lehigh County, Case No. 2002-C-1837

    "Judge Brian Johnson, tossed out nationally known self-proclaimed 'consumer medical advocate' Stephen Barrett's defamation lawsuit just minutes before it was going to be considered by a local jury."

    Please note the verbiage "self proclaimed".

    "The lawsuit, filed in Aug 2002," by Barrett, "against nationally known PA chiropractor, lecturer, researcher and publisher, Dr. Tedd Koren, sought unspecified damages against Koren and his company, Koren Publications, Inc. for statments that he wrote in his newsletter in 2001 about Barrett."

    "Dr. Koren was represented by well-known health freedom attorney Carlos F. Negrete and Washington DC attorney James Turner. Turner and Negrete have been well known for their representation of clients in the health food, supplement and vitamin industries as well as representing naturopaths, nurses, dentists, physicians, chiropractors and complimentary therapists across the country."

    All of the above have been past victims of Stephen Barretts frivolous lawsuits. (my opinion.)

    The article was quite long, so I'm only going to include some of the highlights that I found most interesting.

    "At trial, under a heated cross-examination by Negrete, Barrett conceded that he was NOT A Medical Board Certified psychiatrist because he had FAILED the certification exam. This was a major revelation since Barrett had provided supposed expert testimony as a physchiatrist and had testified in numerous court cases."

    "The most damning testimony before the jury, under the intense cross-examination by Negrete, was that Barrett had filed similar defamation lawsuits against 40 people across the country within the last few years and had not won one single one at trial."

    "During the course of his examination, Barrett also had to concede his ties to the AMA, Federal Trade Commisssion and the Food and Drug Administration."

    "After the Koren trial, Negrete stated: "The de-bunker, Barrett, has been de-bunked. I am pleased and satisfied with this outcome for Dr. Koren and am proud that Dr. Koren did not succumb to the pressures of the intimidiation of Barrett's legal wrangling."

    "Negrete continued, 'It is another great day for health freedom and alternative healthcare around the world. Barrett is a shill for the medical and pharmaceutical cartels and his bully tactics and unjustified discrediting of leading innovators, scientists and health practitioners should not be tolerated.'"

    Negrete said, "You can be assured that our legal team will be wherever health freeedom advocates and practitioners are being persecuted. The tide is now turning and people are no longer accepting that synthetic drugs are the only form of treatmemt and the only way to address health concerns. Every day, consumers are becoming more educated about the benefits of holistic and alternative methods. This is something that the medical establishment obviously fears and wants to crush with false propaganda."

    I did a little math, and found the results interesting, according to this article, Barrett has brought 40 lawsuits within the last few years. If you mutiply 40 times $50,000, and that's probably an extremely low figure for the cost of one trial, for the attorneys' fees, etc., that figure comes out to $2 million dollars, and that's just the last few years. That doesn't include all the years that Stephen Barrett has been bringing frivolous lawsuits in an attempt to force natural and alternative practitioners out of business.

    My question, where is he getting this money from? Well, it has been "suggested" that his site and lawsuits are funded by the pharmaceutical industry, makes good sense to me.

    Anyways, folks, again, my intent in forwarding this info is not to ruffle any feathers, people that want to read info from the Quackwatch site, more power to ya, but if someone is, again, sitting on the fence, thinking about taking a little more control of their own personal medical situation, and if they're reading the info on the Quackwatch site and that keeps them from pursuing a more alternative route, maybe this info might sway their thinking back over to the alternative way of thinking.

    God bless all, and God Bless Attorneys Like Carl Negrete and doctors like Tedd Koren, DC.

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    Thanks for posting this information, it was quite informative.

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    and understands our suffering. The information about her is on his website. I believe he is helping people to avoid scams and wasting their money.He is very sympathetic toward us.

    I am not knocking anyone who finds relief in any way they can.
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    Thanks for the info: it makes you wonder what/who you can trust - especially when, with CFS, I often feel that I cannot trust myself.
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    I know that in the past I've taken information at face value from the Quackwatch site.

    Just goes to show that you need to research, research, research and then make up your own mind. Even if it involves changing your opinion.

    Thanks for your post Sbilek. That's a lesson that I'll take away with me.
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    Glad he's been exposed...thanks so much Sbilek.

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    I first went to the Quackwatch website shortly after my son was diagnised with autism. After looking around on the site I felt he had different standards for natural/alternative therapies than he did for prescription drugs or traditional medicine. He demanded an unusually high proof from alternative medicine while another article was hawking the use of cholesteral lowering drugs for treating everything from soup to nuts. I found that inconsistency in standards to render his opinions useless. Afterwards I started reading about all the negative things he has done and how agressive he was at trying to silence alternative practitioners. That way crosses the line in my opinion.
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    Excellent and informative post!

    This site is amazing. You and so many others really do help us cut through the garbage that's out there. Figuring everything out all by ourselves, when everyone is trying to seduce us into seeing it their way, can be absolutely exhausting. Even if we don't take everything posted here at face value, it gives us a heads up as to what to be on guard for as we look for our own answers. Thank you. Thank you :)
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    I am soooo happy that they were finally able to bring out all the facts about that old fraud! Seems like they could've picked a better person to do their dirty work?!

    Sure wish it would make national news, but of course they can't afford to lose their RX advertising by talking about it!

    Thanks again,
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    Thanks for the info. I too have read things on the website. I am grateful to people who point out the other side of the story as I can be pretty gullable sometimes. So it is nice to know that we should do our research before we jump to conclusions.
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    that really catch the attention any free thinking reader. The Tx and health professionals that are targetted, whilst there is clearly more serious cause for concern elsewhere, says it all. We have Healthwatch here, same double standards.

    I would never take Quackwatch's word on anything even though I always check out the pros and cons of testing methodologies and Tx.

    Like many here I have found ignoring what quackwatch would have us all believe worked for me.


    Thankyou for posting this.

    Tansy [This Message was Edited on 10/23/2005]
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    Just bumping info for Crom and Bruin

  13. Sbilek

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    Bumping info
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    Thank you for this posting, I still will look at the site because there is some useful information in it that one can research further. Please read my reply on my own posting as I was quite hurt by your statements aimed towards me, that a couple of others(thanks for your support) also picked up on. I stated from the start that I thought the site had merits and demerits. I hope others read my reply to you on my posting too, as it clarifies things a little.

    I think it would be worthwhile also mentioning the people who have either fled the country or are in jail that this man did debunk too,that had NO defense as they were actually, well, quacks. I also do believe in telling both sides of the story, and there are people listed on his site who are dreadful, corrupt people as well as some doctors I personally respect. I don't know what his(Barrett's) personal motives are, or whether he brings the law suits to defend his site because he totally believes in its value, I cannot say whether such law suits are frivolous or just that he is determined to defend his opinion,I just like the opportunity to make a critical judgement based upon many sources, and he has usefukl links. Some good, some useless.


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