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    I keep getting questions about zappers so thought I would just post separately about them. Zappers are little battery-operated gizmos which produce low-voltage, low-frequency waves which kill pathogens in the blood but are safe for the body. I bought mine at the Hulda Clarke website for about $150. There are other brands and doing a web search on zappers will bring up info on them. The FDA has cracked down on producers of zappers and threatened to close down their websites if they make any health claims related to their products.

    Zappers use a "one size fits all" frequency wave which will kill pathogens. There are little electronic cards which are inexpensive for my zapper and they can produce a discrete frequency for specific types of pathogens. I don't use them. I run my zapper in the auto mode which takes about an hour and goes through cycles of 7 mins. of zapping and 20 mins. of rest. This is the optimal sequence for killing pathogens.

    My zapper can be run in a manual mode and when I'm sick, I run it for 20 mins. and then run it again in the auto mode. Zappers can be used every day but unless I'm sick, I end up using mine about 3 times a week.

    Where I live in FL, most people fight nail fungus infections. Mine wasn't severe and I didn't have thick yellow nails. I had little white marks in the nails. After using my zapper, there was a clear line where new healthy nail growth was coming in. It was very dramatic when the line was about half way. My nails are now pink and healthy looking.

    My zapper uses wrist/ankle bands which are moistened and attached. I usually use them on my ankles. One can buy plates which attach to the zapper to deliver the current to specific places on the body. Used to be that one had to hold onto rods to use the zappers.

    There is a scientific basis for how zappers work. Everything in nature has its own destructive frequency. The frequency for destroying pathogens is very low and does not affect human tissue. Zappers can only kill pathogens in the blood. There are electro-magnetic pulsers whose makers claim can kill pathogens deep inside the body's organs and other cells. I am a bit afraid of these and am not convinced of their safety. Pathogens have to eventually enter the bloodstream when they kill their host cells, so continuing use of a zapper should work.

    Zappers are simple versions of Rife Machines and other more sophisticated electronic equipment. With the Rife Machines, one can use virtually any discrete frequency within it's range. These machines can be used to diagnose which pathogens are present and the discrete frequencies to destroy them can be utilized. Machines of this type are usually several thousand dollars and are mainly used by practitioners.

    For the money, the zapper is a superb way to keep the pathogen load down in the body. It is not my primary method of ridding my body of its chronic infections but it helps. The unit is very well made in Germany and I have had mine for years now.

    Hope this answers questions y'all have about the zappers.

    Love, Mikie
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    I've tried to explain as best I can what zappers are and how they work in this post. They are not TENS machines. If you do a web search on zappers, you can find more detailed info. I'm sorry that this isn't more informative but I think if you do some reading about the zappers on the web, you will find more info. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    You don't have to buy one-- you can make it. It's just a battery connected to copper tubing and a switch. You can make the exact same thing for under 20 dollars with stuff from radio shack.

    My mom tried it, and got a bunch of her friends to do it too. She found out how from a book about cancer, I think.
    Trust me, it's not hard to make. My mom could barely run a toaster. ;) All she did was buy the stuff and twist some wires together.

    Let me know if anyone is interested-- I'll look around for her book for instructions.
  4. Mikie

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    Homemade zappers need to be tested to ensure that the proper frequency wave is being produced. Someone at Radio Shack should be able to do it or tell you where you can get it done.

    Love, Mikie
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    Would someone please post the directions for making a zapper???? Dad would love it if he could tell his buddies how to make their own cheap. He loves his own zapper(expensive though), and likes to spread a good thing.

    Thank you!

    I tried the zapper a few months ago, for a couple minutes a week to test it. At first I got an energy boost, but then I went zombified and got fatigue really bad, so I had to quit. Herxing, I guess? Is there a way to make a zapper be gentler? Hope I will be able to use it some day.
  6. Mikie

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    About the only way to mitigate the Herxing is to slow down whatever one is doing to kill the pathogens. In the beginning, pathogens will get riled up when someone shakes their little world. This causes our immune systems to produce an immune reaction and kill pathogens it now recognizes by their activity. Unless the immune response and Herxing are too severe, I would welcome them as signs that the zapper is working. Otherwise, I would not use it as long or as often.

    Used to be that the Hulda Clark website had the directions as did other websites. If you do a web search on zappers, you should find the schematic and/or directions. It is much cheaper to build one's own unit but testing is a must. I consider my zapper a bargain because at $150 over almost five years, and still going, it amortizes out to $30 a year and dropping every year.

    Good luck for anyone deciding to build a unit.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Mikie

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    Appreciate the bump for Andrea.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Mikie

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