Info re the 2007 National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Campaign

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    The following announcement from the

    Dear Friends,

    The National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA) is pleased to announce our 2007 National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day campaign theme, Fibromyalgia in Focus. We are asking support group leaders, advocates, patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and the FM community as a whole to join us on the weekend of May 11-13, 2007; to take part in this nation-wide campaign designed to take FM awareness to a whole new level!

    The NFA and Trillusion Media, makers of the groundbreaking documentary film “Living with Fibromyalgia,” have partnered together to coordinate showings of the film across the country. “Living with Fibromyalgia” is the first documentary film to explore the most intimate feelings and life-altering experiences of people living with FM.

    We have created a packet including everything you need to coordinate and promote your own Fibromyalgia in Focus event: 25 postcard invitations, 100 event flyers, a CD with templates to help you spread the word about your event to local media, and an exhibition DVD copy of “Living with Fibromyalgia.”.

    The packets will be available on March 1, 2007 and can be ordered in advance for $35. The cost of shipping is included in the purchase price for all packets purchased before April 1, 2007. People purchasing packets between April 2 and May 1, 2007, will be charged $35 plus an additional shipping fee.

    In addition to providing you with marketing materials and suggestions on where and how to coordinate your Fibromyalgia in Focus event, the NFA will promote your event on our web site. We also suggest that you consider posting your film screening, at no charge, on the web site, designed to assist in getting the word out about noncommercial film premieres.

    The NFA has also compiled a guide to assist you in coordinating and promoting your Fibromyalgia in Focus event.

    Additionally, the NFA encourages the FM community to participate in our annual proclamation program. We recommend you need to put in your request with your governmental representatives as early as possible. See packets for more details.

    We believe this exciting campaign will bring people together from all over the country to focus on FM in a whole new way. We hope you will join us by coordinating your own 2007 National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Focus on Fibromyalgia Event.

    Please contact NFA Senior Director April Quinn with any questions or to obtain a hard copy of free forms or the sample proclamation: or 714-921-0150.

    National Fibromyalgia Association
    2200 N. Glassell St., Suite A, Orange, CA 92865
    Phone: 714.921.0150 Fax: 714.921.6920

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    I can not wait for the event.I am going to order a packet had no idea they had them thanks for posting this.
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    Thanks for posting this and other interesting and inspiring news. I would love to see this film, but probably shouldn't spend the $35.00. Perhaps I can get the Rehab Center I go to (that also has a FMS support group) to buy the DVD. They could also use it for patients who are in the FMS physical therapy program.

    I get the NFA magazine so I'm sure there will be info in there as well. This sounds like a great idea to spread more awareness. Thanks again.

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