Info to help with disability claims from MA CFIDS org.

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    I'm having trouble with MetLife approving my disability for cfs & fm. My doctor sent me a website that I thought had a lot of valuable information. You can go to masscfids dot org/main/disability underscore handbook-complete dot html.

    I'm hoping this will now give me the info I need to fight.

    Good luck to all,
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    I hope you get all of the information that you need.
    In my experience: the more doctors you go to--the better your chances are at getting approved. Using one doctor can be a disadvantage, although many get approved with one.
    I happen to be one who had to run around and get the same diagnosis over and over again (and a few I did not count on).

    Good luck at the site and you can always pick up the phone, too.

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    I currently have an internal medicine dr and a mental health counselor on board. I also see a chiropractor and a pyschologist. The chiropractor was too keen about getting involved.

    What kind of doctors did you use or did you use several different cfs/fm doctors?