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    I have been DX'd w/CFS and besides fatigue, pain has definately been an issue.

    I take Lyrica and a short-term pain med, Talacen. Because the Talacen is so short-lived for pain relief, my doctor just prescribed Kadian, a slow release morphine for pain. When I got home from the doctor's office I was in quite a bit of pain and ate and took the Kadian. Four hours later I was still in pain so finally I took a Talacen and it helped take the edge off.

    First, I am really nervous about taking morphine and second, after 4 hours I had absolutely no relief. Do you have to build up the doses to get relief? I thought something like morphine would work right away. Also, anyone else taking morphine for pain? If so, how is it affecting you and is it working?

    Thanks all. Im so glad I have found an active message board for CFS
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    I am on Avinza (24 hour morphine sulfate), as well as other pain meds. It usually does take a few days for it to get in your system and for your body to adjust. That's why a doc will usually give you a breakthrough med (short-acting) while your body makes the transition to a longer-lasting med.

    It could be, too, that your doc is starting you at a low dose of Kadian. It may not be a high enough dose for you...

    Morphine does come in an instant release (IR) version...but the sustained release meds (like Avinza, Kadian, etc) release a little bit at a time. Avinza has been the first med that I've been on that actually lasts as long as it is supposed to (24 hours).

    There are many people on here using various forms of morphine for pain relief. I know many people have preconceived thoughts when they hear the word "morphine" - but it is actually a good medication for pain for many of us.

    Also, I think it many of the "sustained release" meds are better for the body than many of the shorter acting pain meds. Anyway, I would give the Kadian a chance....if it doesn't seem to be helping at all after a few days, you might want to call your doc and talk about increasing the dose, etc.

    Good luck to you! --Tina
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    hi, i had the same initial experience with kadian, and after bumping the dose up for a few months, i decided it wasn't helping and wanted to stop. my doc was a little put out by this--he said" you just don't get it--it is a LONG-ACTING and will not give you the same immediate relief as the vicodin, thats why you have the vicodin for breakthrough".
    Anyway, after 2 weeks off of it, i finally understood what he meant! ( i was pretty miserable) I used to be on a hydrocodone (vicodin) compound of 30mg. hydro. 3-4x/day, and it (kadian) wasn't the same, but a more steady even relief, with a short acting narcotic for breakthrough.
    The kadian will take a few days to get into your system, but since it is a long acting med., won't even kick in full speed in 4 hours, thats why the short acting, also. AND--while getting used to it, doc. probably started you off on a low dose and will gradually increase to where you become comfortable, i have been holding steady at 30mg twice a day, but may need an increase if the mirapex i am trialing doesn't work.
    Good luck--are you new to the board? If so--welcome, its a great source of support and info!--L
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    Thank you both so much for the information and your experiences. Yes, I am new to the boards and am glad I found an active place for discussion on CFS. Sometimes you think to yourself...its all in your head. It will be good to hear others talk about their experiences so I wont feel so isolated dealing with this.

    When the doc. prescribed the Kadian I really didnt understand what it was until I got home and checked the internet and then I got nervous when I heard the word morphine! He recommended 20mg 2X daily but I have been so scared to really try it. But, it makes sense what you have said about it taking some time to work and about why my dr. said to take the Talacen if I have breakthrough.

    I guess I expected it to work instantly and when I got absolutely no relief didnt understand what was going on.

    I still am a little nervous about taking it but will give it a try.

    Thanks again