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    What i am looking for is information about pressure relieving mattresses and pillows.The firm who sells them is swedish and the company is called TEMPUR MATTRESS AND PILLOWS.Has any one heard of them and if so has any one used one.I think that there is a shop in the Floida Mall that sells these,when i was in the USA last year i think i saw them but didnt take a lot of notice.They are worldwide and available in 27 countries.I have had brochures through and am really considereing buying a mattress,apparently they are good for treating fibro and it takes the pressure of the points,so that your body feels weightless.They do a 60 night trial so i might consider it.THANKS SHARON
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    If you go to the top of the screen and type in Tempur in the search messages, you should get all the info available on this board.

    I hope you have luck with your new bed!!
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    Doing a web search using Yahoo or Google? You can find most anything there.

    Love, Mikie
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    he sharon , i layed on one for a little bit at the mall here one night and if i could afford one it would be mine it is sooo compfy..they are expensive but they do have mattress covers also for much cheeper and they probably work well too.oh i wish i could have luck
    --ami oh the full name is tempurpedic.
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