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    I just discovered two web sites that seem to have a lot of good information, links and other resources dealing with pain and disability. Since I can't give the URL directly, I'll just suggest doing a Google search for "exceptionalnurse" (without the quotation marks). The words should be run together. This is the Exceptional Nurse web site, which in itself looks very promising.

    Once you get to the Exceptional Nurse web site, click on the Chronic Pain/Fatigue link. That will take you to another page of links. The second one on the list is for "intractablepain." Click on that link to get to an excellent site with articles about chronic pain.

    If you can't find the sites going through all this, just e-mail me directly at, and I'll send you the URLs.

    --Laura R.M.
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    I went to this web site and they are right on the money about doctors. I am not a nurse but I use to be a caregiver. Enjoyed checking it out

    Thanks again,