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    Yesterday I thought I was on our message board just doing some reading. I came across some information about ( I thought) african avacados. I know it was African something but now I can't find it. It seems a person is supposed eat just one before each meal and you lose weight like mad.I have looked and looked under everything I can think of about avacados and decided it wasn't them. Who would like to eat an avacado all by itself" anyway? but what was it?

    I know, I know, I am one of those weired people that is always asking about things normal people don't even think about but I do this all the time. Usually I can solve my own questions but not this time.

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    I just did some sleuthing for you. Could it have been African Cactus you read about? This is what I found, posted by erfula1 on 5/8/06

    5/8/06 10:13 AM weight loss

    If you need help with appetite control try Hoodia Gordonni. It is an african cactus and it is so good that drug companies are trying to derive a prescription from it. I found it by doing a web search and comparing different companies. If you pm me I'll tell you where I found the best deal. Make sure you get 500mg extract. I take 2-3 tablets before every meal and I am eating less and less. I also take 2-3 apple cidar vinegar tablets that I purchased from the same company. They are in capsule form and you can smell the vinegar in them, they are very strong. I haven't weighed yet cause I just had to start taking prednisone for a severe case of poison ivy and I don't want to get discouraged but I can tell you that they do keep you from being hungry. I take 3 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon and 3 at night cause nighttime is my worst craving time. Hope this helps. I also cut out all sodas which I never thought I'd be able to do and eliminated all aspartame. I only drink the flavored waters with Splenda and tea sweetened with Splenda. I don't really miss the soft drinks like I thought I would. I love tea though and the peach flavored waters are so good! Good Luck.