InfraRed LED light product helps my CFS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AllWXRider, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. AllWXRider

    AllWXRider New Member

    My mom got me a LightRelief product for Christmas. She got one for herself. After 30 days, we both agreed that it does help. It uses Red & Blue LEDs on a flexible silicone rubber pad that can be positioned anywhere on the body. It has an optional switch to turn on the Infrared LED. If it gets too hot, you can switch off the Infrared.

    It uses Long Wave Infrared, not conduction heat from a heating pad. I can position it over inflammed sinuses, earaches, thymus gland and on any sore muscle it feels better.

    It has a built-in timer that shuts off after 15 minutes and can be loaded up with rechargeable batteries for portability. Cost is $80 for one and $40 for an extra one.
    It also has straps for attaching to the body so you don't have to hold it in place.

    I would recommend it to those of us who can't afford an infrared sauna.
  2. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    Thanks so much for this. I saw an infomercial last week on this but one never knows if it's just someone trying to make money from those of us in pain!!

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  3. LittleBluestem

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    What does the InfraRed light do for the thymus?
  4. AllWXRider

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    I had read that Epstein Barr likes to grow on the epithiel lining (skin) of our internal organs, it likes the thymus.

    Also reading that red light is very healing to tissues. I'm experimenting in healing the thymus with red light. I don't have any documentation, just my own logic.
  5. u34rb

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    What do you mean by "red light"? Where on the infra red spectrum is your red light?
  6. Catseye

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    I'm glad you posted this, I forgot all about something I read in my alternative medicine book awhile back. As you probably know, alot of us have hpa axis dysfunction. This is what the hpa axis is:

    The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis) refers to a complex set of direct influences and feedback interactions between: the hypothalamus, a hollow, funnel-shaped part of the brain; the pituitary gland, a pea-shaped structure located below the hypothalamus; and the adrenal or suprarenal gland, a small, paired, pyramidal organ located at the top of each kidney. The fine, homeostatic interactions between these three organs constitute the HPA axis, a major part of the neuroendocrine system that controls reactions to stress and regulates various body processes including digestion, the immune system, mood and sexuality, and energy usage.

    One clue that you have hpa axis problems is hormone imbalances. So what my book said about FIR light:

    Among FIR's healing benefits is its ability to stimulate inflammation, which is necessary for a period of time in order to heal injuries such as a pulled muscle. FIR also appears capable of enhancing white blood cell function, thereby increasing immune response and the elimination of foreign pathogens and cellular waste products. Additional benefits include the ability to stimulate the hypothalamus, which controls the production of neurochemicals involved in such biological processes as sleep, mood, and blood pressure; enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body's soft tissue areas; and removing accumulated toxins by improving lymph circulation.

    This definitely warrants looking into.

  7. AllWXRider

    AllWXRider New Member

    It has 4 blue LEDs, bunch of Red LED and when you push the HEAT button; the IR LEDs come on at 940nm.

    Its wierd but when it gets too hot, you turn off the heat button and the thing it immediately feels cool. Just like someone shaded you from the sun.

    It works good on my wife's lower back pain.
  8. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    It sounds like a good product. i hope it keeps working for you. If you do not me asking: roughly how much does it cost. I know that it crossing a barrier, so if you are not comfortable with it: I totally understand.


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