Infrared Sauna for Lyme

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by momurph, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. momurph

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    Anyone purchase a Sauna for their Lyme, I did. Want to Know how mcuh to use it.
  2. victoria

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    Look at my post about Hyperbaric Oxygen.

    The article I posted there is in the library here under CF/FM, and I gave the url for it. The author talks about what other therapies she uses for lyme along with HBOT, and I think she does use an IR sauna as well.

    hope this helps,

  3. Countrymom

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    Hi I have a infrared sauna and lyme disease. I use it at 50 C for about 25 minutes every other day. I had to work up to this amount of time. It really helps the detoxing. I feel much better when I use it faithfully.
  4. momurph

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    You use the sauna every other day. I use it on weekends in case I get some dye off I won't feel so bad at work. Should I use it in the am during the week for short periods at 15 minutes. On the weekend I go 30 minutes at 130-150 degrees. What do you think.

  5. lagf

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    We were advised to purchase a poplar wood (for allergy reasons) sauna for lyme.
    Our directions arebegin first session at 110 degree. Always get in at 98 degree.
    Stay for 10 minutes.
    If feel good in next 24 hours do the same. Each day thereafter add two minutes. alternate each day adding a few minutes and then a fewdegrees until you can handle 30 minutes at 130 degree. Always get in at 98 degree.
    If you are light headed or uncomfortable it is a sign you are detoxing too quickly. If so, come out. Lower setting following day....go to a comfortable zone and start upwards again.
    this is what we have been advise. Want to hear from anyone about the use and how they feel afterwards....especially if you have a chronic lyme infection. thank you
  6. Kimelia

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    Well, I use the one at my doctors office. They would like me to be there daily. I usually get in 3-4 days a week. I have to drive nearly an hour to my doctors office and since I know I need to get in as often as possible and this is all I can do I stay in for about 1.5 hours. I take a 1/2-1 gallon of water with me each time and drink as much as I need to with minerals and electrons.

    I know this is probably too much but I'm die hard and will get the most I can out of each doctors visit. I try to take it up slowly from normal temp to 130-140. I get out and have to lay on the floor for a little while, then take a cold shower. It takes time to recoop. I did it 3 days in a row last week and last night I felt decent(which means I could hardly walk but I didn't feel as ill as I normally do internally, I felt clear, if that makes sense and my landlord commented on the fact that I was smiling, I normally don't feel like smiling.) I'm up early this morning doing research and other things. Again, I'm a bit slow and weak but the fact that I'm up this early on a saturday these days says it all.

    It maybe too much but I will keep doing it. Getting in the sauna is a very relaxing meditative time and it helps with killing lyme Most of the time I don't feel as good as i did last night and this morning I know it's getting lyme out. And if I"m going to drive an 45+ minutes one way I have to take adv of using it.

    My dream is to have one at home this year...